Story Tropes – Building a Team

  Some of my favorite stories revolve around establishing a team of misfits that come together to accomplish an impossible task. Whether that goal is to pull off the biggest heist in Vegas history (Ocean’s 11), or you want to win the Battle of the Bands (School of Rock), finding the right person to fill […]

Why I write Christian Speculative Fiction

Guest Blogger: Sarah Addison-Fox Before I explain why I love writing speculative fiction, I feel like I need a disclaimer. I am by no means an expert on the topic. I stumbled into reading spec fiction when I was binge reading Christian books a couple years ago. I started with Donita K. Paul, moved to […]

8 years anniversary

NAF Year 8: Onward and Upward

New Authors Fellowship debuted January 16, 2010, with the goal of helping Christian speculative fiction authors develop the elusive “platform” we’re all told we need. Our founder, Keven Newsome, realized that by pooling resources, authors could reach more people than any of them could alone. When we began, our Featured Authors were all unpublished writers […]

Love Your Book

I read a lot of inde- and self-published novels. Not as many as I would like, but that’s true of reading in general. Still, though, a lot. Some of them are exceptional. Some of them, I can tell the author invested a lot in honing his or her craft, hiring an editor and cover designer, […]

For Fans of Adventure

Let me kick things off by saying that I’m very excited to be joining the New Author’s Fellowship. I’ve known several of the contributors here for the past couple years, and I’m looking forward to being on this team. As I’ve been thinking about this first post, I keep picturing it a bit like introducing […]

Keeping Track

I have used a paper planner since I bought my first Mortar Board the beginning of my freshman year at Purdue. I have four wire-bound page-per-week calendars documenting tests, meetings, and starting junior year dates with the boy who would become my husband. Over the years I’ve cycled through paper planners even as I bought […]

Introducing Josh Smith

Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to add Josh R. Smith to our roster of Featured Authors. Those of you active in Realm Makers probably already know Josh, since he’s been an active participant for years. He’s also guest blogged for NAF. We’re excited to have him on the team. He’ll be blogging on Tuesdays starting January […]

A Short Break

I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19

My Word of the Year

My word of the year is Finish. I’ve assessed where I am in my writing journey and what I’m missing is a backlog of finished polished manuscripts. I’m reading Jon Acuff’s Finish. Or rather I have been but put it aside the past couple of months. As a goal/oriented person, I have an endless number […]

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!   Things have been so crazy at our house for the last few weeks. I’m sure they have been at your house too. 😉 I waited, as per usual, until last minute to wrap my presents. Five hours of Psych episodes and a sore back later, I had […]

Author's Journey

Publishing Journey from Word Processor to Kindle

Publishing Journey from Word Processor to Kindle

Guest Blogger: Annie Douglass Lima I’ve been writing for as long as I can recall. When I was seven years old, I had a sudden inspiration for what I thought was an amazing science fiction novel and decided then and there that I was going to write a book and be the world’s youngest published […]

Christian SpecFic

The Final Paladin: The Key to Apollyon

The Final Paladin is a fun fantasy novel that focuses on the legends of Charlemagne and the origins of chivalry. It’s a portal fantasy partly set in the gritty Five Points area of New York City during the Industrial Revolution. And partly in the Fae Realms. Vermillion, who’s known as Peg protects her simple-minded brother, […]

Creative Nook

The Student

The Student

The Amulet Saga, Volume Three The Silver Shores What Came Before: The Silver Shores     Preparing     Testing     Auction, Part One Auction, Part Two     Mistress     Breakfast The Student Ada lit the lamps, then snuffed out the candle and sighed. This failure was more frustrating than she liked to admit. “Nothing?” Manae asked. “No more than before. […]

Critical Views

Handel’s Messiah: Kind of a Bore

Handel’s Messiah: Kind of a Bore

Am I allowed to say that? We’re all familiar, I think, with the “Halleluiah Chorus,” which is no doubt one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. But there’s a reason it’s usually the one part of Messiah that gets sung. And the reason is that the rest of the program is dull […]

Guest Blogs

4 Lies People Believe About Poetry

Guest Blogger: T.J. Akers I have a confession. A terrible, dark, and…disturbing confession. I like…poetry. There, I said it. Don’t judge me. Okay, so I’m playing up the melodrama here, but poetry once was a beloved form of pop culture and a time-tested institution. In our modern culture, poetry has fallen from grace—or has it? […]

Life and Such

Winter Update

Winter Update

Writing Update So… NaNo didn’t end up happening for me. Between my mom having surgery and getting a really nasty respiratory infection, I had no time or energy to write. I’m so happy that some people are planning on working through a January NaNo. Yay! I feel like this gives me a second chance to […]

Marketing and Promotion



On this blog, we often talk about the power of story and the high calling we as creatives have to express Truth in a new way, to show the glory of God in dark places, and to reflect God’s creative image by creating fantastic things. We also lament the fact that we’re in a strange […]

News for Writers

Writing Opportunity!

Writing Opportunity!

Hey, guys! This week I thought I’d share a new writing opportunity. Most of you probably know all about Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s The Tales of Goldstone Wood series. If you haven’t read them, you should! You can find her books here: If you’ve heard about Anne Elisabeth Stengl, then chances are you’ve heard about […]

Our Faith

Christmas Isn’t my Favorite Holiday (a Truth and a Lie)

Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday. This is the truth but also a lie. It’s the truth because from a Christian perspective Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday edge out Christmas for the holy days closest to my heart. When I share the Gospel, I emphasize the belief in salvation through Christ alone. This makes Good Friday […]

Random Things

Wednesday Inspiration

Wednesday Inspiration

“It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.” ― C.S. Lewis Photo credit in picture. “… You must always remember… Whatever their bodies do affects their souls.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters Photo credit – Mural […]