We shall overcome…when?

Last Sunday during worship, in honor of the Charleston shooting victims, we sang the old spiritual: We shall overcome … someday. And I had to stop singing because I choked. This is not a rare occurrence. I frequently use up a tissue or three in worship. But usually it’s because I’m overwhelmed by the love […]

jury duty

Jury Duty

My husband is at jury duty today. He mentioned it to a client whose computer he was working on yesterday, and the client immediately began commiserating. My husband responded with, “I’m actually looking forward to it.” His summons actually came at a pretty good time for him. Since he works for a school, his summer […]

A Matter of Taste 

   Seven years ago, my husband took a job in a small town. The biggest sacrifice for me was giving up access to various ethnic cuisines. Back in the day, we often went out for Mediterranean, Indian, Thai, or Korean food not to mention Chinese, Japanese, and German. In our current location, we’re limited to […]

Checking In

Hey all! Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted… Life, I tell ya. ;) First I was sick, then I was gone, then I was sick again, and now I’m trying to prepare Forged Steel for publication in mid-July (aiming for a July 17th release), so that has been eating up nearly every […]

time to speak crop

Cover Reveal and Q&A with Nadine Brandes, author of A Time to Speak

Nadine Brandes, a longtime friend of NAF, is revving up for the launch of the sequel to her fantastic debut novel A Time to Die. Book Two of the Out of Time series, A Time to Speak, will be coming out from Enclave Publishing this fall. Tell us about your family and home life. My […]

Create a Playbuzz Quiz

How To Set Up a “Which Character Are You?” Quiz with Playbuzz

Guest Blogger: Nadine Brandes Readers like to interact with their favorite authors and their favorite characters. One fantastic way to let your readers do this is to create a Which Character Are You? quiz. I recently set one up for a Facebook Party I threw for my book, A Time to Die. Here are some things I learned through […]

Scavenger-Evolution final front

Yes, My story starts in a brothel

Yes, I also went to seminary, and still love Jesus very much. So what happened? Am I trying to tempt people into lusting after prostitutes? Do I enjoy the look when people look up from the first page and think, “What kind of story is this?” The story is about a husband who has lost […]


A Fond Farewell

Wow . . . It seems like so long ago that I got asked to join a fun and smart group of writers on a spec fic writers blog called New Authors Fellowship. So many of the writers were good friends and excellent role models. I remember the thrill of excitement when I got the invitation to […]


I Wrote Some Words Today

And I liked it. Don’t laugh. Sometimes putting thoughts into words is hard work. It wasn’t tonight, but it’s been very hard lately. Oh yeah, I’ve got all the excuses. Actually other people make them for me. “You’ve been through so much change lately.” “You’re very busy.” I guess. Who isn’t busy though? And when […]

Author's Journey

Introducing: Gretchen E K Engel

Introducing: Gretchen E K Engel

With Ralene departing for greener (but perhaps not geekier) pastures, we had an opening here at New Authors Fellowship. I had hoped that our new member, Gretchen E K Engel, would fill my shoes when I graduated, but since that’s not happening yet, I’m glad to bring her aboard now. I first met Gretchen through […]

Creative Nook

The Resolution

The Resolution

After they murdered The Cleaning Fairy, The Gnomes started running amok. Mother instituted The Plan to take care of them. So the gnomes began The Retaliation. This started The War. Now, the war must end. The Rise of the Gnomes Part Six: The Resolution Mother sat for a long time, just staring at the leader […]

Critical Views

Big Girls Cry

Big Girls Cry

An image scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed the other day. It was a picture of an overweight woman, hanging upside-down by her legs on a stripper pole and crunching up, presumably working her abs. Next to her picture, as a comparison, was a picture of a plump rotisserie chicken on a spit. The caption read, […]

Guest Blogs

Interview with Morgan Busse

Interview with Morgan Busse

I am so very excited for my good friend and critique partner, Morgan Busse. Last Tuesday was the release of her 3rd book (and also the final book of the her trilogy). I thought you all might want to get to know a little bit more about her and her books (which I highly recommend). […]

Life and Such

Two great tools for recording Internet audio

Two great tools for recording Internet audio

The problem with streaming audio or video on the web is the difficulty of saving it for later. I faced this recently when the IndieReCon writing conference was going on. I really cannot spend any more time sitting at my desk than I already do. I needed a way to get the con’s talks off […]

Marketing and Promotion

That’s Not How Advertising Works

That’s Not How Advertising Works

You know how when you’re watching TV, you see the same ad at least eleven thousand times? And how if you’re watching something online, you get the same commercial two or three times in a row sometimes? The internet has made it easy for advertisers with data tracking. If you look up shoes, you automatically […]

News for Writers

Three Paying Short Fiction Markets

Three Paying Short Fiction Markets

Through a Facebook friend, I recently discovered a trio of speculative fiction podcasts that are looking for stories. They are produced by a group called Escape Artists, and are available on iTunes or through their individual websites. The podcasts have good production values, and the stories are read by excellent voiceover artists. These are not […]

Our Faith

This Is Not a Penguin 

This Is Not a Penguin 

This is not a penguin. It’s a duck. And no amount of arguing can get my seven-year-old to say otherwise. There’s that old adage, “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, swims like a duck…” This little guy has feathers, waddles, and he’s an aquatic bird. But he’s not a duck. And if […]

Random Things

A Different Kind of Fuzzy Logic.

A Different Kind of Fuzzy Logic.

In keeping with my theme of the five senses in writing and reading, I’m covering touch. Of course sight is the most common sense used in writing. And smell, whether good or bad, can be emotionally evocative. Hearing and taste have their place too but touch came to me from a game I played recently. One […]