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Review of Mantle by Keven Newsome

Winter and I go way back. Keven mentioned the other day that Winter was entered in the Marcher Lord Select Premise Contest back in 2009. For those of you who weren’t around for that, this was an online contest where readers voted on which stories they wanted to see more of. When the contest got to […]

Closing the Book on “Winter”

I turned forty last February. It just so happens that my birthday is just six weeks after Winter’s birthday. Her birthday is on December 22…the first day of winter, or so it was the year she was born. It snowed the day she was born, and on her birthday just a few months ago the […]

Flash Fiction – The Gnarled Oak

It’s been a busy couple weeks. Life’s chugging right along and I’ve had a couple inconveniences lately – flat tire, someone broke into our van, doctor’s visits – so I’m grabbing my mantra by the horns and reminding myself that God is still on the throne. “An adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.” – G.K. Chesterton My current light at […]

Interview with Keven Newsome

  Today, I’m interviewing Keven Newsome, founder of New Authors Fellowship. Celebrating the release of Mantle, Book 4 in his Winter series. Of course, I have to ask how the New Authors Fellowship came to be? Well, the story has been recounted many times here on the NAF website. But it doesn’t hurt to tell […]

Review: Failstate by John Otte

I’m writing today’s blog post sitting in a third floor suite overlooking a beautiful, pine tree covered mountain. It’s ok to be a little jealous. I’m sure I will be after a few weeks of being back in the Missouri flatland. But for today, I have a beautiful view. My wife and I took turns […]

Audiobook Review The Shadow Queen

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of libraries, especially online ones. When we owned a home in Phoenix, I held a city of Phoenix library card. Taxpayer perk. When we sold our house, I gladly forked over the $40 per year to keep my beloved maroon card that’s older than either one of my […]

The Great Tournament of Speculative Greatness – The Champion

Vin had never seen a storm like this. She was used to a dim sun hanging in a soot-filled sky. This storm was on a completely different scale. She clung to a metal flagpole high on the city wall, all she could see for miles was the massive storm. It would hit the city soon. […]

Movie Review – Ready Player One

Our family doesn’t go to the movies very often. We took our daughter and several of her friends to see A Wrinkle in Time for her tenth birthday party. Before that, we only saw 1 or 2 movies in the theater in the past year. We all decided to see Ready Player One. Good choice. It’s a […]

The Great Tournament of Speculative Greatness – Champion Round

A heavy fog had settled over the towering walls of Minas Tirith. The King paced along a walkway. Anduril was fastened at his side. His ranger senses were on alert. The vast white city towered over the plains, a view now shrouded in an unnatural mist. He couldn’t quite make out the shape, but something […]

Author's Journey

Story Time – The end of Waiting

  The End of Waiting – by Josh R Smith The neon lights of Ferros pushed back the grim atmosphere of the dank undercity alley. Or was it the dank atmosphere that squelched the neon lights. Dak Prescott wasn’t sure which it was, nor did he really care. All he wanted was for this job […]

Christian SpecFic

The Author Collector by Teddi Deppner

The Author Collector by Teddi Deppner

I love really thought-provoking short stories. Bonus points if there’s a creep factor. Think Ray Bradbury or “The Lottery. Teddi Deppner’s The Author Collector doesn’t disappoint. Andy is an author, a not terribly successful one. He has a wife and young son he needs to support. Knowing that being a writer isn’t going to cut it if […]

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Round Two – The Great Tournament of Speculative Greatness

Round Two – The Great Tournament of Speculative Greatness

Willow raised his tiny hand, revealing a small acorn. A knowing smile spread across his face as the girl in the gray cloak floated high into the swirling mists. A coin plinked on the ground nearby, but a seasoned sorcerer such as Willow Ufgood could not be so easily distracted. Vin’s mistcloak swirled through the […]

Critical Views

Sacrifice On the Altar of Ego

Sacrifice On the Altar of Ego

This is an update of a post from May 2016 and is the counterpoint to my blog post from last week, “Don’t Let Your Girls Grow Up to Be Moms“. I love Carolyn Arend’s “Altar of Ego”. It’s a song whose lyrics I need to think about often. Last week’s post was about the emphasis placed […]

Guest Blogs

Publishing Journey from Word Processor to Kindle

Publishing Journey from Word Processor to Kindle

Guest Blogger: Annie Douglass Lima I’ve been writing for as long as I can recall. When I was seven years old, I had a sudden inspiration for what I thought was an amazing science fiction novel and decided then and there that I was going to write a book and be the world’s youngest published […]

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Three ways to turn off your internal editor

I have a secret to tell you. I like to take notes. On physical paper. With a real pen. As the token “tech guy”, this causes me a bit of ridicule. I bust out my Captain America journal from Walmart and jot down whatever important thing someone said. OK, most of the time it’s some […]

Life and Such

Into the Wild

One of the weekly hats I wear involves wrangling a group of around twenty middle school students and talk about what living as a Christian is all about. Some weeks we have great conversations about the why, and when of life. Other nights, we call it a win if no one “lets one go” during […]

Marketing and Promotion

How Writers Can Use Instagram to Promote Books

How Writers Can Use Instagram to Promote Books

An Introduction to Instagram, Hashtags, and Book Reviewers Guest Blogger: Kristin Durfee It may seem counterintuitive—photographs to sell books? But if the idea sounds crazy to you, then you are missing out on an entire community of readers, bloggers, and reviewers that call Instagram home. First things first: if you don’t have an Instagram account, […]

News for Writers

The Emotion Thesaurus

The Emotion Thesaurus

For Christmas last year, I received a new craft book. It had graced my Amazon wishlist for months, and I had heard very good things about this book. Little did I know how much it would change my writing. I hear it said a lot to “show, don’t tell.” But I’ll be honest, sometimes I […]

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Flash Fiction Frenzy – Just Ask Him Already

Flash Fiction Frenzy – Just Ask Him Already

After a couple of weeks of audiobook reviews, I’m switching back to short fiction. This time for a bit of shameless self-promotion. Specifically, the “Sadie Hawkins” issue of Spark magazine. Spark is the romance flash fiction imprint of Splickety Publishing Group which also includes Splickety (general flash fiction) and Havok (speculative flash fiction), and Spark (romantic flash […]