What Christian Writers Offer That Others Can’t

Guest Blogger: Glen Robinson In the book, More Than Words: Contemporary Writers on the Works That Shaped Them, Stephen Lawhead writes about how the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien influenced him as a writer. Lawhead concluded from his study of Tolkien as a writer that regardless of what you write, who you are comes through in […]


Plotting vs. Pantsing: Another Great Debate

I saw this picture on Facebook and I had to laugh, because it totally describes how I work. When I first come up with a story idea, I often have only a very vague idea what’s about to happen. Sometimes as little as an opening scene that I think is cool. One of my novels, […]

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Do writers have friends?

As with so many things, the answer to my question is not binary. “Do writers have friends?” isn’t honestly a yes or no question. Some do, some don’t. I imagine many of us fall on a spectrum between. In a recent episode of their podcast A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment, writers Sherman Alexie and Jess […]


Dealing with Disappointment. Again.

The writing journey is so up and down, back and forth. It’s a constant uphill climb. Three steps forward, two steps back, making progress and starting over. It seems like it generally moves in the right direction, if you’re willing to keep persevering, but every now and then there’s a huge boulder in the path […]


Alphabet Blogging: U is for…

Unobservant. I got called ‘unobservant’ as a kid a lot, usually because my nose was stuck in a book. My mom said, on more than one occasion, that the house could probably burn down around my ears without me noticing. In all fairness, it often took someone yelling in my ear–more than once–to get my […]

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Top 5 Things I’ve Learned About Selling Ebooks

Guest Blogger: Kessie Carroll There are a few things that go without saying, so I’m not detailing those. Namely, the story and editing have to not suck. The cover has to be awesome, with high contrast and readable text at thumbnail size. Without those two things—you know, having a QUALITY PRODUCT—you’re not going to sell […]


Tribute to Spock

I’m sure all of us are aware now that Leonard Nemroy, aka Spock from Star Trek, passed away last Friday at the ripe old age of 83. As my tribute to him, I did a little (more) research and came up with some interesting facts and anecdotes to share with you all. First, let me […]

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Leaving Your Readers Something to Think About

Guest Blogger: Robin Johns Grant I am just now publishing my second novel, but of course I’m also a reader. One of my favorite reads is a speculative or supernatural fiction book that’s just the right amount of weird. In other words, it’s not so out there that I can’t even follow the story, or […]


I Wrote Some Words Today

And I liked it. Don’t laugh. Sometimes putting thoughts into words is hard work. It wasn’t tonight, but it’s been very hard lately. Oh yeah, I’ve got all the excuses. Actually other people make them for me. “You’ve been through so much change lately.” “You’re very busy.” I guess. Who isn’t busy though? And when […]


Introducing Peasantry Press

Guest Blogger: Alyssa Thiessen Who We Are Someone once said to me that the most natural metaphor for the publishing world is that of the medieval feudal system. The big publishing houses, naturally, are the literary royalty. The agents are the nobility, or the knights, perhaps. So what about the writers? The writers are the […]

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The International Society for Tales with Elves

The Rules of the Society: To qualify for membership, your stories must have at least one Elf. Your stories must not contain Laser Blasters or anything else of that sort. There are no other rules. Dear Diary, I have been a member in good standing of the ISTE for several years. All my novels and […]

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Top Five Reasons Not To Hire An Editor

Top Five Reasons Not To Hire An Editor

As you progress in your writing, whether you’re writing novels or short stories, fiction or non-fiction, at some point you’ll probably wonder whether you should hire an editor. Let me assure you, this is a foolish and ridiculous thing to do. Hiring an editor should never be a thing you seriously consider.* Here are the […]

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The Resolution

The Resolution

After they murdered The Cleaning Fairy, The Gnomes started running amok. Mother instituted The Plan to take care of them. So the gnomes began The Retaliation. This started The War. Now, the war must end. The Rise of the Gnomes Part Six: The Resolution Mother sat for a long time, just staring at the leader […]

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Finally, a writing guide for the 21st Century

Finally, a writing guide for the 21st Century

Last month while I was teaching a writing seminar, one of the students questioned the absence of The Elements of Style from my recommended reading list. “It’s a primer,” I said. “If you’re writing novels, you’re beyond Strunk and White.” That little book is such a milestone for most of us that we often forget […]

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Why I Stopped Using Perfume

Why I Stopped Using Perfume

Truth is, I can’t say why I ever started using perfume. I suppose at some point there came an expectation that a girl can’t smell like herself, she’s got to smell like flowers or something. That must have been around junior high or so. The point I stopped wearing perfume was after I attended my […]

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What We Can Do About Poverty

What We Can Do About Poverty

During the Lenten season, we’ve had a series of Wednesday night courses at church. I took a course based on a DVD series produced by a nonprofit called Poverty Cure. This series spends little time looking at the causes of poverty and instead focuses on the conditions necessary for prosperity. As we watched this series, […]

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Alphabet Blogging: T is for…

Alphabet Blogging: T is for…

As an author, I’ve never forgotten how to daydream ~ Neil Gaiman Thinking–or, as some would call it, daydreaming. Do you ever just sit and stare out the window on a rainy day, or watch the side of the road as you ride in a car? For a while, I’d gotten out of the habit, […]