Auction, Part One

The Amulet Saga, Volume Three The Silver Shores What Came Before: Preparing,  The Silver Shores, Testing   Auction, Part One Reith was bustled into the bathing stalls, alongside the others, and afterward was dressed in clean trousers, the snug type that the other slaves wore, and his bare chest was rubbed with scented oils. The […]

Wednesday Writing Inspiration

“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” ― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves … Photo credit – Sylar113 on CrispMe “There’s something else, too, unfamiliar and new and maybe even beautiful. In all the times I’ve […]

If I Have Not Love

Every now and then, something comes up in one of my various social circles that makes me think about how we as Christians should behave. Recently, in one of my groups, there has been some really intense discussion on several different topics, from writing to politics to theology and more. And of course, any time […]

Four Korean Dramas for Young Adult Fiction Writers

This week I thought I’d share four Kdramas, ones I think my YA, writer friends will appreciate. 🙂


The Amulet Saga, Volume Three The Silver Shores When last we left Reith, he was Preparing for a life of slavery on the Silver Shores. Now, the time has come for Testing.   Testing Reith stood straight, lined up with the others from his group, along with the other groups housed in other parts of […]

Craft Books Part Three

“You can fix anything but a blank page.”
― Nora Roberts

Good Luck With That

I don’t believe in luck as a random phenomenon outside of God’s control, but I do believe in mathematical randomness. The idea for this post came up during St. Patrick’s Day when a handful of friends posted memes based around the phrase “we don’t do luck”. That phrase bothers me. I think it comes off […]

Craft Books Part Two

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” ― Thomas Mann, Essays of Three Decades

You Can’t Put God into a Box (or a Book)

Being a Christian means I believe God created the universe. (No this isn’t a creation/evolution debate—the point here is not how He did it, only that He did.) So, God creating space and time means He exists outside of those constructs. God can’t be limited. God can’t be put inside a box. That doesn’t stop […]

Interview with Sarah White

My latest new voice is another debut author, Sarah White of Uncommon Universes Press. Her debut novel is Halayda, the first in her Star Fae trilogy. I read Halayda, and all I have to say is I’m so glad there will be two more! I loved this book. Nickname: Well, my elvish name is Aranel […]


The Amulet Saga, Volume Three The Silver Shores   We return now to The Silver Shores, to find out what has become of Reith and the other prisoners. Join me! Preparing Reith woke to the sound of someone whimpering softly. Darkness shrouded the cavernous building and the scent of sweat and filth, though less pronounced […]

Word Wars!

“Would you like to word war with me tonight?” Rosalie’s message popped up on my phone. “Word wars?” I texted back. Ok, I’d heard of Word Wars before, but had no idea exactly how they worked. I did know that they involved some pretty fast writing. I tend to think of myself as a slow […]

Beauty and the Beast Review

Saturday, my daughter, her friend, and I went to see Beauty and the Beast to celebrate her ninth birthday. She’s in third grade, the same age I was when my third grade teacher introduced me to “Beauty and the Beast”. Not the animated movie with the yellow-dress wearing Disney princess but the French folktale one. It would be […]

Author's Journey

Your Story is Contrived

Your Story is Contrived

I was doing a brainstorming session with a client not long ago, and she mentioned how she finds herself trying to emulate George R. R. Martin and Brandon Sanderson by adding multiple layers and and intrigues and subplots, and it was frustrating for her, because it wasn’t really what she wanted to write, but she […]

Creative Nook

The Silver Shores

The Silver Shores

I am preparing to release the second volume in The Amulet Saga. Previously titled “The Traveler,” Book Two, “The Defector,” will be available for sale sometime in the next few weeks, I hope. In the grand tradition I started when I released “The Heir,” then continued with “The Defector,” I am now beginning work on […]

Critical Views

A Time to Mourn

As we’re officially in 2017, I truly hope there are fewer deaths than what we experienced in 2016. Especially for those who are into geeky fandoms and/or those who came of age in the 70s and 80s. Early in the year, Alan Rickman who will always be Professor Snape lost his battle with cancer. The […]

Guest Blogs

Character Profile: Jayden Jorah

Character Profile: Jayden Jorah

  Guest Blogger: S.D. Grimm I am really excited for this guest blog post today. Not only do I get to talk about my novel Scarlet Moon, but I also get to do something really fun, and that is talk about my main character: Jayden Jorah. A little bit about Jayden’s appearance first. Eyes: Blue […]

Life and Such

A Twist of Fate

A Twist of Fate

The other week I wrote about how I believe in “luck” under the mathematical terms of random numbers and probability. The example I gave was how I run to praise music and whether or not God overrode the random number algorithm on my phone to “choose” the songs I needed to hear. Well, God wanted […]

Marketing and Promotion

Conference Notes: Realm Makers Early Bird

Conference Notes: Realm Makers Early Bird

We’re here at Realm Makers, which kicked off today with a great early bird session by book marketing experts Suzanne and Shawn Kuhn of SuzyQ. For those who couldn’t be there, here are my  notes, keeping in mind that I missed the first half hour or so while I was at the registration desk. You are […]

News for Writers

Creating Memorable Characters Part Three: Physical Traits

Creating Memorable Characters Part Three: Physical Traits

I’m continuing my series on creating memorable characters. In Part One we discussed relatability. In Part Two we covered uniqueness. Without further ado, I give you Part Three: Physical Traits We’ve all heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” which is good advice for nearly everything except books, and yet most of […]

Our Faith

Myths: Redemption, Not Reproduction

Myths: Redemption, Not Reproduction

Guest Blogger: H.G. Ferguson Recently the question of how mythology relates to Christian fantasy — if it relates at all — was raised on Speculative Faith by Elijah David, and by Mike Duran, and the conclusion reached is that myths can be “redeemed,” i.e., mythological creatures, stories et al. can indeed be woven into a […]

Random Things

Pete’s Dragon 2016 Review

Saturday night we watched Pete’s Dragon with our daughter. I haven’t seen the original movie, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to. That’s probably a good thing. I found the movie to be the standard live action kids dramedy. The orphaned boy raised in the wild. Check. Endangered “scary” animal. Check. Bonus points […]