Kill the Beast cover

Kill the Beast: It Only Took Four Years

Guest Blogger: Michele Israel Harper My book took me four years to write. Four. Years. To help you understand how devastating that was to me, my Zombie Takeover book took me one month to write, and my Wisdom & Folly duology took me 24 weeks to write. (I was writing a chapter a week for […]

Finding inspiration – with Lego!

A few weeks ago, I shared about my love for comics. Comic books taught me about heroes, conflict, and fighting to the end. I find inspiration between those pages and in the colorful heroes and villains. I grew up as the youngest with two older sisters. I spent much of my tweenage years on the […]

Getting Lyrical

Today on the blog, I want to talk about one of the mediums that words impact me the most. Music. I know people fall into many different camps when it comes to worship music – hymns, modern, contemporary, fast, slow, rock, acoustic, and everything in between. There’s something special about music. There is power in […]

Book Review – Fawkes

Fawkes had me hooked on the first line. Why is this guy turning to stone? What has he done to deserve such a fate? How long will it take? Will he die? This books has been called “the perfect mix of magic and history,” “and explosion of magic, love, and the truth about loyalty,” “deft […]

Audiobook Review: How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method

I’m here this week with a different kind of audiobook review. This time, it’s for a craft book. While, I believe there are quite a few good writing craft books, if you’re going to listen to one, How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method is the one to choose. I think this for multiple […]

Tales of Ever After – “Being Seen” Inspiration

The blog tour for Tales of Ever After is over, but I’m doing a little bonus, some of the inspiration behind my short story “Being Seen.” H.L. Burke is one of my favorite authors, so I jumped on the chance to write a fairy tale themed story for her Fellowship of Fantasy’s fourth anthology. My […]

Go buy a book

I returned from my first writer’s conference with a short stack of new books. I perused the book store, met with a couple of the authors, and chose books that looked interesting. I gobbled them up when I got home. Each book blew my mind. These were some of my jumps into christian science-fiction and […]

Review Tales of Ever After 2 for 1

Today as part of the blog tour I’m reviewing not one but two stories from the Fellowship of Fantasy’s latest anthology.  The person who leaves the most comments across the blog tour will receive the chance to read special sneak peaks from several of the authors’ upcoming works! My first review is of Emily Martha […]

Brain Dead or Realm Makers 2018 recap

Following close on the heels of my “What I’ve learned from Realm Makers” series was my time spent at Realm Makers 2018. I know I talk about this conference a lot, but this is my second family. These people get me, and not just “they’re nerds and like Star Wars.” They get my struggles, my […]

My Realm Makers Experience

Last week I spent several days with my family Indiana. Realm Makers is a different kind of family time. People with whom I share no blood but are bonded by a common faith and love of the written word. And much of the conference is about relationships for me. Each year as I attend, there […]

Author's Journey

What I learned from Realm Makers – part 2

What I learned from Realm Makers – part 2

The Realm Makers conference is one of my most-looked-forward-to moments of the year. Last week I talked about my first trip to St Louis and how my creative process was so greatly impacted. The following year I made a late night trek to Philadelphia, PA and spent my first night in the airport. Yup, my […]

Christian SpecFic

Cover reveal: Tales of the Phoenix

Cover reveal: Tales of the Phoenix

Some of you may remember the Medieval Mars anthology that came out in 2015. This shared-world project is the brainchild of Travis Perry at Bear Publications. The premise is that a thousand years in the future, after humans terraformed and colonized Mars, a societal collapse has thrown the planet back into a dark age in […]

Creative Nook

Short Story Review: Drawn from the Water by Marian Jacobs

Short Story Review: Drawn from the Water by Marian Jacobs

I enjoy a good Bible story retelling and Marian A. Jacobs’s Drawn from the Water did not disappoint. It’s solidly written and was both familiar and fresh. What I enjoyed was the similarity in setting. While the story is obviously science fiction with a land with multiple suns, advanced communication, and a world not our […]

Critical Views

Sacrifice On the Altar of Ego

Sacrifice On the Altar of Ego

This is an update of a post from May 2016 and is the counterpoint to my blog post from last week, “Don’t Let Your Girls Grow Up to Be Moms“. I love Carolyn Arend’s “Altar of Ego”. It’s a song whose lyrics I need to think about often. Last week’s post was about the emphasis placed […]

Guest Blogs

Why I write Christian Speculative Fiction

Why I write Christian Speculative Fiction

Guest Blogger: Sarah Addison-Fox Before I explain why I love writing speculative fiction, I feel like I need a disclaimer. I am by no means an expert on the topic. I stumbled into reading spec fiction when I was binge reading Christian books a couple years ago. I started with Donita K. Paul, moved to […]

How To

Three ways to turn off your internal editor

I have a secret to tell you. I like to take notes. On physical paper. With a real pen. As the token “tech guy”, this causes me a bit of ridicule. I bust out my Captain America journal from Walmart and jot down whatever important thing someone said. OK, most of the time it’s some […]

Life and Such

Trucks, Planes, and Canoes

Trucks, Planes, and Canoes

Photo by Gretchen E.K. Engel Zippy Longtail and I are off to Realm Makers. Our journey began last Monday after work. Zippy took a half day from his job interpreting extraterrestrial satellite transmissions from the Very Large Array (VLA) satellites near Socorro, NM and came to my house so we could leave a bit early […]

Marketing and Promotion

How Writers Can Use Instagram to Promote Books

How Writers Can Use Instagram to Promote Books

An Introduction to Instagram, Hashtags, and Book Reviewers Guest Blogger: Kristin Durfee It may seem counterintuitive—photographs to sell books? But if the idea sounds crazy to you, then you are missing out on an entire community of readers, bloggers, and reviewers that call Instagram home. First things first: if you don’t have an Instagram account, […]

News for Writers

The Emotion Thesaurus

The Emotion Thesaurus

For Christmas last year, I received a new craft book. It had graced my Amazon wishlist for months, and I had heard very good things about this book. Little did I know how much it would change my writing. I hear it said a lot to “show, don’t tell.” But I’ll be honest, sometimes I […]

Our Faith

The Buddy System

The Buddy System

I haven’t been at this “try-to-be-successful-with-my-writing” gig for too long. And I know everyone will define success for their writing journey a little different. For me, I am interested in traditional publishing. I have stories in my head that will someday grace shelves. Some of those stories may work better indie published, but I know […]

Random Things

Interview: Mollie Reeder

Last year at Realm Makers, I met Mollie Reeder, and we chatted about everything from steampunk to dinosaurs. I found out about her debut novel The Electrical Menagerie and read a couple of short stories related to it. I kind of fell in love with Sylvester and Huxley and the story world. I read an […]