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The Search

The Amulet Saga Volume Two: The Traveler Other stories in this series: Escape     The Road     Bandit     Trader     The Third Son Healer     Beggars     The City     Spy The Search Ada eyed the amulet that hung around the king’s neck. A pale glow throbbed slowly, not bright enough to attract any attention […]



I look at the pile of work building on my desk and start to sweat. Working and pursuing a writing career can really stress me out at times. How will I ever get all of this done? And a better question, am I even capable of getting it done? I sit down and run my […]


Underwhelmed and Pleasantly Surprised 

My plan for tonight was to discuss my favorite Super Bowl ads. I was going to name them then comment on how they captured my attention. But when some of the best ads were for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, you know it’s going to be hard. Super Bowl L (except the NFL ditched the Roman numerals) was […]

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Goodreads, My Tsundoku Enabler

Tsundoku is a Japanese word that literally means “reading pile.” It’s used to describe a stack (or stacks) of unread books, or the act of buying books and then adding them to existing piles of unread books. I know my people can relate to this. As if I didn’t already have enough physical tsundoku in […]

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Vote Third Party

I’ve seen the sentiment several times lately, from both my liberal friends and my conservative friends, that even though they’re not really on board with their party’s candidate options, they’ll vote along party lines because this election is “too important” to let the “other guys” win. I’ve written before about how politics is no longer […]


This Week

I thought I’d give an update and then see how you guys were doing. Remember, It’s only Wednesday. We still have time to make some progress! This week I’ve been writing summaries of every chapter in my book on index cards and pinning them to my corkboard. I’ve been trying to get a better feel […]


Just Start Writing

Guest Blogger: Shannon Stewart My college’s Honors Program required all Honors undergrads to write thesis papers based in our disciplines. Often these theses were 70+ pages; in English (my subject), Honors Projects tended to be even longer, closer to 100 pages. I’d never written anything so long in my life. None of us had, which […]


Starfish in the Desert

   One of my favorite object stories is the one about the boy throwing starfish back into the ocean. It’s also the only way I can keep from being overwhelmed by people in need both physically and mentally. Yesterday we listened to a missionary who is working with people escaping ISIS, both Christians and Muslims […]

Author's Journey



Do you ever find it hard to write after you’ve been busy all week, after you’ve run to and from work, cleaned house, made sure your family was still alive? Are there times when you feel drained of anything remotely resembling creativity? If the girl pictured above was wearing a sweatshirt and had her hair […]

Creative Nook



The Amulet Saga Volume Two: The Traveler Other Stories in this series: Escape The Road Bandit Trader The Third Son Healer Beggars The City Spy Jyn knelt before the magistrate, her head bowed submissively. Nyn’s backside, she hated being made to feel so small. More, she hated leaving Taurin alone so long. What happened after […]

Critical Views

Propaganda and Double Standards: It’s the Liberal Way

Propaganda and Double Standards: It’s the Liberal Way

I recently saw this image posted by a friend on Facebook. The person who posted it commented, “Good to know.” They just bought into this narrative that a group that is genuinely doing good is somehow “bad” because they stick with their religious convictions. Make no mistake: The Salvation Army IS a charity. They are […]

Guest Blogs

Cover Reveal: Darkened Hope

Cover Reveal: Darkened Hope

NAF is pleased to announce the newest book in the Hidden Dagger series by J.L. Mbewe: Ayianna is a cursed half-elf betrothed to Desmond, but her heart belongs to another. After discovering the cure for the Sorceress’s curse, she and her companions embark on a dangerous quest to retrieve the ingredients. When dragons descend upon […]

Life and Such

Star Wars, Rewards, and Temptation Bundling

Star Wars, Rewards, and Temptation Bundling

No spoilers, sweetie.   It took me a while to get to the theater to see Star Wars 7. Not because I lacked interest, but because of temptation bundling. In temptation bundling, you restrict yourself from the thing you want to do until you’ve completed the thing you have to do. In the Freakonomics podcast […]

Marketing and Promotion

Called 2 Speak – Profession and Vocation

Called 2 Speak – Profession and Vocation

What makes you want to speak out? I’m proud to be part of the Blog Hop promoting A Time to Speak. This hop is to spread the word about Nadine Brandes’s new dystopian novel, A Time to Speak, releasing October 16th. It is also to encourage myself and others to speak out for our passions and against injustice. I […]

News for Writers

Submit Your Stories to Havok Magazine

Submit Your Stories to Havok Magazine

If y’all aren’t following Havok magazine, you should be. This flash fiction magazine is the place to get your quick hits of speculative fiction, and it’s a great paying market for you to submit to. Each issue of Havok has a theme, and submitted stories must fit the theme. Below are themes for upcoming issues. […]

Our Faith

Jesus the Vintner

Jesus the Vintner

Last Sunday, I was assigned to teach John 2:1–12. That’s the wedding at Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine. Why would John give us this story about Jesus as a wine-maker? He is the only Gospel writer who tells this story. Why do we even have four gospels? Wouldn’t one suffice? Nope. When a […]

Random Things

You watch Anime?

You watch Anime?

“Manga?” I rolled my eyes. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Out of all the places we could have been in the bookstore, we’d ended up here? My sister’s eyes widened and she shook her head. “What?” I started to say. “It’s true. Manga is ridiculous.” I stopped when my brother gestured down the aisle. […]