Wednesday Inspiration

“It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.” ― C.S. Lewis Photo credit in picture. “… You must always remember… Whatever their bodies do affects their souls.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters Photo credit – Mural […]

Winter Update

Writing Update So… NaNo didn’t end up happening for me. Between my mom having surgery and getting a really nasty respiratory infection, I had no time or energy to write. I’m so happy that some people are planning on working through a January NaNo. Yay! I feel like this gives me a second chance to […]

Publishing Journey from Word Processor to Kindle

Guest Blogger: Annie Douglass Lima I’ve been writing for as long as I can recall. When I was seven years old, I had a sudden inspiration for what I thought was an amazing science fiction novel and decided then and there that I was going to write a book and be the world’s youngest published […]

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe

I know not all of our readers are in the U.S., but I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, if that’s a thing where you are. Now that I’m single again, and with my son living in another state, it was a pretty quiet day for me, and I did more work than […]


Thanksgiving totally took me by surprise this year. I mean, Halloween was just last week, right? So, things have been totally crazy for me, I mean big changes coming my way soon sort of crazy. Did I tell you I was looking into buying a house? And I might have found one. It’s an older […]

Prayer Requests

” God wants us to pray before we do anything at all.”

― Oswald Chambers

4 Lies People Believe About Poetry

Guest Blogger: T.J. Akers I have a confession. A terrible, dark, and…disturbing confession. I like…poetry. There, I said it. Don’t judge me. Okay, so I’m playing up the melodrama here, but poetry once was a beloved form of pop culture and a time-tested institution. In our modern culture, poetry has fallen from grace—or has it? […]

The Final Paladin: The Key to Apollyon

The Final Paladin is a fun fantasy novel that focuses on the legends of Charlemagne and the origins of chivalry. It’s a portal fantasy partly set in the gritty Five Points area of New York City during the Industrial Revolution. And partly in the Fae Realms. Vermillion, who’s known as Peg protects her simple-minded brother, […]

Realm Makers Membership

Today I signed up for a Realm Makers membership! I’ve been excited about this for a while. All the details below are pulled from the Realm Makers website. You can and should check it out for yourself here: 🙂 I signed up for the Basic Membership. Basic Membership $40 for 1 year Membership pricing […]

Fresh Voice RJ Metcalf

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Since NAF is about unpublished authors, it makes sense to feature writers who are just getting started in their careers. I met RJ(Becky) at Realm Makers this year playing Toon D&D (and crossed off bucket list item from fourth grade – playing D&D). We happened […]

Author's Journey

The Teacher

The Teacher

Due to various life things happening, I have neglected posting for quite some time. I return with the next installment of The Silver Shores The Amulet Saga, Volume Three The Silver Shores What came before: The Silver Shores     Preparing     Testing     Auction, Part One Auction, Part Two     Mistress     Breakfast     The Student The Teacher “Herbs will be […]

Christian SpecFic

Alumni Ralene Burke Celebrates First Year Anniversary of Bellanok

Alumni Ralene Burke Celebrates First Year Anniversary of Bellanok

by Ralene Burke Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve been a guest on here, and I miss being here. You all are amazing. These writers are amazing. And honestly I don’t know that I’d be where I am today if it weren’t for New Authors Fellowship. Why?   I met my critique […]

Creative Nook

The Student

The Student

The Amulet Saga, Volume Three The Silver Shores What Came Before: The Silver Shores     Preparing     Testing     Auction, Part One Auction, Part Two     Mistress     Breakfast The Student Ada lit the lamps, then snuffed out the candle and sighed. This failure was more frustrating than she liked to admit. “Nothing?” Manae asked. “No more than before. […]

Critical Views

Admiration Is Not Idolatry

I have been a Billy Joel fan since I was young, probably fifth grade since that coincides with the release of An Innocent Man. The first album I bought was The Bridge. If memory my serves me correctly, $9.99 at Record Bar at Honey Creek Square in Terre Haute, IN. It might have been Disk […]

Guest Blogs

Christian Writers Must Deal With Real-Life Issues

Christian Writers Must Deal With Real-Life Issues

Guest Blogger: Laura VanArendonk Baugh   We are failing as Christians. I recently attended a new writers’ conference, my first which focused specifically on the Christian market. I am a Christian author who writes almost exclusively for the general market, so I knew this conference was not going to be for me the way other […]

Life and Such

My Biggest Fear

My Biggest Fear

Two weeks ago we made plans for Fall Break. My husband had a business trip in Parker, Arizona so we decided to go to Las Vegas. It’s not my favorite location for a family vacation, but there are some things about the city we all really enjoy and some activities we wanted to do. My […]

Marketing and Promotion



On this blog, we often talk about the power of story and the high calling we as creatives have to express Truth in a new way, to show the glory of God in dark places, and to reflect God’s creative image by creating fantastic things. We also lament the fact that we’re in a strange […]

News for Writers

Writing Opportunity!

Writing Opportunity!

Hey, guys! This week I thought I’d share a new writing opportunity. Most of you probably know all about Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s The Tales of Goldstone Wood series. If you haven’t read them, you should! You can find her books here: If you’ve heard about Anne Elisabeth Stengl, then chances are you’ve heard about […]

Our Faith

The Accidental Evangelist

The Accidental Evangelist

Last month I took a plane trip to visit my family in Indiana. On the flight over, I decided to use the three-hour plane trip to catch up on my leadership training. One of my assignments was to read a few chapters in Lee Strobel’s The Case for Faith. No big deal, right? Quietly read […]

Random Things

Wednesday Writing Inspiration

Wednesday Writing Inspiration

A friend of mine sent me a quote by George MacDonald earlier this week, so I was inspired to share a few with you guys. 🙂 George MacDonald has always been one of my favorite authors. C.S. Lewis even credited him as an inspiration for his own writing.  My favorite book of his is Heather […]