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Book Review – Fawkes

Fawkes had me hooked on the first line. Why is this guy turning to stone? What has he done to deserve such a fate? How long will it take? Will he die?

This books has been called “the perfect mix of magic and history,” “and explosion of magic, love, and the truth about loyalty,” “deft and clever,” and “a tale full of spiritual depth, tragedy, and hope.” I agree with all of that and will add my own – Fawkes brought me along for a ride with mystery, fantastical masks, sword play, and tragedy. There are twists, turncoats, and a satisfying end. Nadine Brandes pulls on your heart with this historical journey into the journey of a boy becoming a man, and a spiritual awakening that I never saw coming.


I am a fan of the Out of Time series by Nadine Brandes. This YA dystopian trilogy takes you along with the heroine Parvin, as she overcomes fear at the doorstep to her impending death. In this world, you know exactly when you’ll die. And you carry a clock as a constant reminder that steadily ticks down to your own doom. This series is written as an overtly christian tale, and Nadine does a fantastic job of dealing with the struggle of faith, hope, and how love. I was expecting much of the same with Nadine’s new book, Fawkes, but was rewarded by her fresh perspective.

Fawkes is published by Thomas Nelson, and unlike A Time to Die, it was published directly into the general book market, which covers a much wider audience that the faith-focused CBA (Christian Book Association.) Fawkes delivers spiritual undertones in a subtle, and delicate way. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting what delivered. I left truly encouraged, and challenged to step up my own willingness to be ready to listen.

If you are a fan of historical fiction, enjoy tales of espionage, magic, or want to embark on a journey to reunite a father and son, go pick up a copy of Fawkes. You can find it at most Barnes and Noble, and of course, Amazon. I loved the tone of this book, and I found myself both cheering for Thomas when he had success, and frustration when he stubbornly refused to do the right thing.

Have you read Fawkes? I’ve read a few historical fiction tales (mostly Stephen Lawhead) – What are some book recommendations? I’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment below, or find me on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. Until next time!

One comment on “Book Review – Fawkes

  1. Adding to my TBR now. Thanks.

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