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William Ramirez

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Will Ramirez grew up with a love for God’s Word and fantastical worlds. The first passion led him to pastor Calvary Chapel Lighthouse for the last 16 years. The second led him to create the world of Adme, the setting for his current work, an epic fantasy titled Soul Yearning.

He lives in Central Florida with his bride of sixteen years and their four children. Since 2010, he’s been a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and serves on the leadership team for Word Weavers of Orlando.

He is currently seeking representation for Soul Yearning, which won Novel of the Year at the 2012 Florida Christian Writer’s Conference.

Contact Info

  • will777r [at] yahoo [dot] com
  • williamtramirez.wordpress.com


  • Sweet Victory, published in the October 2012 issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly
  • Soul Yearning, an epic fantasy, which won 2012 Novel of the Year at FCWC and semi-finaled in the 2011 and 2012 Genesis Contest. It is the first book in the Godslayer series.
  • Mander’s Scar, a fantasy novel which semi-finaled in the 2012 Genesis Contest

Online Pitch

Soul Yearning

Epic Fantasy

In the land of Adme, powerful beings rule as deities and compete for worshippers. But when a young priest is revealed as the prophesied godslayer, his temple turns against him and the pantheon unites to destroy him.

Albione is a promising young priest who longs to bring honor to his family name. But when he saves the life of a political rival, powerful forces from every side seek his destruction.

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  1. I look forward to reading about the land of Adme!

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