The Author Collector by Teddi Deppner

The Author Collector

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I love really thought-provoking short stories. Bonus points if there’s a creep factor. Think Ray Bradbury or “The Lottery. Teddi Deppner’s The Author Collector doesn’t disappoint.

Andy is an author, a not terribly successful one. He has a wife and young son he needs to support. Knowing that being a writer isn’t going to cut it if he and his family are going to enjoy a good life, Andy decides to interview for a government job, a position with good pay. He’s traveled to the city for an interview. A city that allows him something he doesn’t have back in his town, the freedom to explore his surroundings.

Andy takes advantage of this privilege to kill time before his interview. While exploring he’s abducted and finds himself in prison. Andy’s basic needs are provided for including a rarity, print books. Andy learns his fellow inmates are also authors, many well-known, others his personal friends. The inmates offer Andy advice on what to do while in prison.

The Author Collector is a short story, so I don’t want to give too much away. But as with any good short story, there’s as much theme as there is plot. This particular quote is really powerful and hints at the theme. It’s really good advice for all writers.

“Writing should always spring from the wells of the heart. The deeper you reach for something, the more powerful it is. Whether it comes from deep pain or deep hope, it has to be something that moves you first for it to move others. ”

And with that, you, fellow new authors, think upon this. And go forth and write…

What is your favorite short story and why?

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2 comments on “The Author Collector by Teddi Deppner

  1. I have Teddi’s story on my Kindle, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Sounds great!

    My favorite short story … hmmmmmmm … not sure about favorite, but let’s go with memorable. Stephen King’s short story, The Mist. I read that story over 20 years ago and it still haunts me! They made a movie out of it, but it was horrible. Too bad.

    I also love Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado, and, of course, The Masque of the Red Death, and The Telltale Heart.

    Bethany Jennings wrote a novella (not really a short story) called Threadbare and that was fabulous!

    I’m getting ready to read Mythical Doorways, which is an anthology of short stories. Looking forward to it!

    • You’ll love Teddi’s story. Poe is another one of my favorite short story authors. Bethany’s Threadbare is great. Mythical doorways is on my virtual nightstand. I’m looking forward to it.

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