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Audiobook Review: How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method

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I’m here this week with a different kind of audiobook review. This time, it’s for a craft book. While, I believe there are quite a few good writing craft books, if you’re going to listen to one, How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method is the one to choose. I think this for multiple reasons.

It’s a Great Method

I started out as a die-hard pantser but have become more and more of a plotter and The Snowflake Method is an excellent approach. Maybe it’s just that I trust a physicist to teach me how to write (shrugs), but it is such a logical approach and kills a whole lot of birds with one snowflake. Hmm. Maybe it should be called The Blizzard Method. Anyway, I’ll let the book explain the Snowflake Method, but a bonus is that you’ll have a one-page synopsis and a detailed synopsis among other things that are useful beyond a completed novel.

The Book Reads Like a Novel

The book tells the story of Goldilocks who finds herself at a writer’s conference sitting in on a class taught by Baby Bear. Goldilocks has the idea for a suspenseful historical romance and Baby Bear walks her through the Snowflake Method. At times, I kept finding myself wondering what was going to happen to Goldilocks next and realized I was also learning (or in my case, improving my understanding/skills) the Snowflake Method. It’s both educational and entertaining. Kind of like watching a really good kids’ show.

Written and Narrated by Masters of the Craft

Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method book and software as well as his Writing Fiction for Dummies are all well-known and widely used. This is a tried and true approach, not a flavor-of-the-month technique. You can find his books and software at Advanced Fiction Writing. The book is narrated by author and narrator James L. Rubart. He’s one of my favorites in both categories, a double threat.

Do you have a favorite writing craft audiobook or podcast?

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One comment on “Audiobook Review: How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method

  1. It’s a good method if it works for you. Anymore, I find that I can snowflake in my head. All this gets internalized eventually. 😀

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