The Story of Comics

Last week here on the New Authors Fellowship, I posted about several up and coming books that I was excited about. In that post I talked about a couple video games that had amazing stories, but before video games, and before books, I was reading about some marvelous heroes and their penchant for saving the world.

Comic Books!

One of the first comics that I remember reading as a kid was a 1980s issue of Hawkeye. I loved how he had an arrow for every situation. A torch lighting up a cave? Water Arrow. Need to hack into a computer? USB arrow. Need to shoot a bad guy? Non-Lethal stun arrow, of course! He also had this rad 80s costume!

After Hawkeye came The Fantastic Four, and the Uncanny X-Men. I remember going to Hy-Vee (midwest grocery chain) and sitting on the floor by the magazine racks and reading new issues as they each came out. One of my favorite X-Men storylines involves a bad guy named Bastion and Operation Zero Tolerance. OZT involves the rounding up, and registration of every mutant. While Bastion seemed to be interested in helping humanity with free health clinics, and homeless shelters, it turned out he was using cybernetic enhancements to turn the world’s needy into Sentinel – mutant killing robots! The sentinels have always been one of my favorite Marvel redshirts.

Don’t get me started on the perfection that is the 90s X-Men cartoon! The Sentinels start off the show with a laser blast, and genome scanning optics!

This show even has a fantasy RPG-themed storybook episode where Wolverine is an ogre. GOLD!


Rewind back a few years ago, when I was a poor Bible College student. I discovered an up-and-coming comic medium: web comics.

I found a few back then that I still read now. Megatokyo is a story of two nerdy friends who travel to Japan for a con (I think) only to get wrapped in Sony-branded assassins, Kaiju rampaging on their scheduled outings, and a Ninj4 who makes origami in his spare time. It’s all fun and games until Piro, the comic’s hero, falls in love with the voice actress of one of his favorite games. They have some cool off-genre dives into a fantasy world, and TONS of video game/manga references.

Another web comic that I’ve been reading for years starts off taking jab after jab on the whole RPG scene. Looking For Group starts off when an effeminate elf hero crosses path with an orphange-roasting warlock, and the pair gather a party for adventure after adventure. They tackle some great tropes, and have a couple twists in the story that I never saw coming. Check them out!

Lastly, one of my other weekly web comic check-ins involves the crazy guys at Ctrl, Alt, Del. This one can get a little grown up (mostly for crude humor and some gory bits) but he also has some great storytelling. I’m really digging his Starcaster Chronicles. I’ll likely grab the print set once he finishes the story. It’s a great sci-fi epic!

For those after less story, and more weekly humor, check out The Gamercat, XKCD, and The Awkward Yeti.


Do you like comics? Are you more of a Batman reader, or do you go for an epic team-up like the Avengers? If you have a webcomic you love, please send me a link! I’d love to add a couple stories to my list. Drop a comment below, or find me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Happy writing!



2 comments on “The Story of Comics

  1. I read Archie a lot in junior high. Does that count? Seriously, this is a story form I haven’t appreciated before. You made it sound appealing.

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