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NAF logoNew Authors Fellowship is a blogging community by unpublished authors for unpublished authors. Many of us have had our own small-time blogs with minimal traffic—now we’ve combined efforts and readers to bring maximum exposure to us all!

We are unpublished novelists who wish to chronicle our life experiences, our frustrations, and our victories in this journey to achieve the elusive publishing contract. We are all dedicated to writing with a Christian worldview, and though we come from various religious backgrounds, we all adhere to the following statement of faith: We believe that Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sins, and rose from the dead that we may be forgiven of those sins, and that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ and in no other way.

We specialize in Christian Speculative Fiction, and this is the genre we promote. Our intentions are to continue to promote this genre and to seek out new authors who are willing to and capable of doing likewise. NAF is joining the vanguard to bring awareness to the neglected genre of Christian SpecFic.

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For more information on any of our authors and their books, please visit the Portfolio page for the author in question.  There you will find the contact information you are looking for.

For site issues, more information, or anything else to which you can’t seem to find an answer, e-mail us via the Contact page.

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