Our Membership

20457_304398959426_6124632_nHere at NAF, you’ll find three classifications of our members.

Featured Authors

NAF maintains five featured authors. These authors are unpublished as novelists, though they may have published some shorter works or nonfiction. Each has at least one complete manuscript for which they are seeking traditional publication. Meanwhile, they are building a blogging and branding platform. Featured Authors strive to blog once a week.


NAF Alumni are former Featured Authors who have broken through the glass ceiling and achieved publication of their novels. We congratulate them and continue to support them. They are always welcome at NAF to share their experiences as published authors.


NAF Contributors are writers who may not quality as Featured Authors or Alumni but who have been invited to share with us for a certain time. Published and unpublished authors may be Contributors, and they blog intermittently.

Becoming a Member

From time to time we have a Featured Author spot open up. If you would like to become one of our members, please use the Contact page to end an e-mail. We will contact you when a spot opens. We cannot guarantee membership, but will include your name with other candidates when the time comes.

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