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Keven Newsome is an author, musician, and theologian. With a music degree from William Carey University and a theology degree from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Keven has actively served in ministry as both pastor and worship leader. He is the author of the Winter seriesWinterProphetessAcolyte, and Mantle. This supernatural thriller series has been an award finalist for multiple awards. His short stories can be found in the Aquasynthesis anthology and Avenir Eclectia Vol. 1. He is also the author of We Are One, a non-fictional study on generational ministry (published as KW Newsome). Though originally from south Mississippi, Keven now lives in Camden, South Carolina with his wife and children.

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The Winter Series

Paranormal Thriller
Available from Press Epic.


Winter (Book 1)

The prophetess for a new generation.

Winter Maessen didn’t ask for the gift of prophecy. She’s happy being a freak – but now everyone thinks she’s crazy. Or evil. Goths aren’t all the same, you know. Some are Christians….Christians to whom God sends visions.

Students at her university are being attacked, and Winter knows there’s more than flesh and blood at work.

Her gift means she’s the only one who can stop it – but at what price?


Prophetess (Book 2)

The prophecy emerges.

One act of violence is not enough to fulfill Xaphan’s plans. One near escape does not justify Winter’s growing gift.

There is more. She can feel it. The warnings swell within her.

He’s searching for someone.  A person of promise…a person of prophecy.

And Winter must find her first.

Acolyte Kindle coverAcolyte (Book 3)

The right hand of Hell.

The FBI have never been this close to trapping Xaphan and they need Winter’s help to set their dangerous plan in motion.

But Xaphan is weaving a trap of his own.

The Acolyte is unleashed…a demon, slaughtering its way to Sandy and haunting Winter with memories she would rather forget. As her past threatens to tear apart the present, driving those she loves to turn against her, she must now face a far worse enemy alone…


Mantle Front Cover finalMantle (Book 4)

The Prophetess at war.

The time has come. Xaphan must be stopped.

The spiritual battle rages stronger than ever and Winter finds herself at the center of the storm. Not only are her friends at risk, but Xaphan’s apocalyptic plans could destroy the entire world.

To defeat Xaphan and his demonic princes, Winter must relive her broken past. And as the power of the infinite is unleashed, she realizes the last eight years of her life have all been leading to this single moment in time.

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