Publishers of Christian Speculative Fiction

For new authors, getting a science fiction or fantasy novel published can be a challenge, especially if it’s written from a Christian worldview. That’s why we put together this list of outlets where you can submit your speculative fiction manuscript.

This list includes only traditional publishers, by which we mean they pay you and not the other way around. Fee-for-service is a valid business model, but there are tons of such companies, and if we open the list to them it will be a mile long.

The other criterion for inclusion here is that the publisher accepts unagented submissions. That’s because it’s so difficult for a new writer to get an agent in this genre.

Each publisher’s listing includes notes about what they publish and a link to their submission guidelines, along with the names of some of the authors they publish.

If you know of a publisher we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments.

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AltWit Press: Submissions currently closed. Watch website to see when they open again.
Authors: Pauline Creeden, Melissa Turner Lee, J.L. Mbewe
Submission Guidelines

Anaiah Press: A Christian publisher handling a wide variety of nonfiction and fiction, including speculative
Authors: Jennifer Novotney and Rosie Somers
Submission Guidelines; Check Wish Lists to see which editors are accepting unsolicited submissions.

Barking Rain Press: Not aimed at the Christian market specifically, but its fantasy list shows some books with religious themes.
Authors: Adele Abbot, Nick Hayden, Barton Paul Levenson, and Clint Talbert.
Submission Guidelines

Brimstone Fiction: An imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. Seeking fantasy, spiritual warfare, time travel, science fiction, horror, or alternate history. Accepts manuscripts only from writers they meet at conferences, or who are represented by an agent.
Authors: Jason Brannon and D.L. Koontz
Submission Guidelines

Castle Gate Press: Founded by Suzanne Hartmann and Phyllis Wheeler; Christian publisher specializing in speculative fiction.
Authors: Bill Garrison
Submission Guidelines

Charlie Dawg Press: Started as an author services firm but shifted to traditional publishing to control quality of manuscripts. Publishing science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction, along with poetry and anthologies.
Authors: G.L. Francis, Alma F. Quick, and Deb Kemper
Submission Guidelines

Cogwheel Press: Small press specializing in speculative fiction; open to Christian themes
Authors: Gary Beck, Jennifer Eifrig, Paul Freeman, Bruce Hesselbach, Mark Roman
Submission Guidelines

Crosshair Press: Accepts most genres but especially looking for romantic comedies, space operas, science fiction, fantasy, action/adventure, urban fantasy, and steampunk. Wants “character-focused fiction with high action and moral or spiritual dilemmas.” Humor a plus.
Authors: Amy Williams and Katie Morford & Carrie Lemke
Submission Guidelines

Diminished Media Group: A Christian-owned company, but books need not be religious in nature as long as they are “family-friendly.”
Authors: Rebecca P. Minor, Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Submission Guidelines

Enclave Publishing: Christian publisher specializing in speculative fiction; Formerly Marcher Lord Press
Authors: Nadine Brades, Morgan L. Busse, Just B. Jordan, Steve Rzasa
Submission Guidelines

Finding Christ Books: Small, family-owned press looking for a variety of genres including fantasy and science fiction.
Authors: Wayne Thomas Batson, Jerry B. Jenkins & Chris Fabry, Jeremiah Montgomery
Submission Guidelines

Flagship Fiction: An imprint of CGI Publishing, a Christian publisher of fiction and nonfiction. Submissions currently closed; watch website for updates.
Authors: Nicholas Downing, N.P. Beckwith, E.L. Pearson, and Erin Burnett
Submission Guidelines

Harbourlight Books: A division of Pelican Book Group, a Christian publisher covering many genres
Authors: Bonnie Doran, Michael Duncan, Janalyn Voigt
Submission Guidelines

Helping Hands Press: Christian publisher which publishes a wide variety of genres, including speculative.
Authors: Mark Carver, Mike Lynch
Submission Guidelines

HopeSprings Books: Mainly specializing in romance and women’s fiction, but open to speculative fiction.
Authors: Angie Brashear
Submission Guidelines

Lighthouse Christian Publishing: Christian publisher; covers all genres, nonfiction and fiction including fantasy and science fiction
Authors: Craig Dressler, Carissa Unruh, and Madison Dillard
Submission Guidelines

Little Roni Publishers: Particularly looking for stories about dragons, shapeshifters, faeries and other mythological creatures.
Authors: Ellen C. Maze, K.F. Ridley
Submission Guidelines

Lycaon Press: Looking for “paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, general fiction, or anything that targets young adults.” Not a Christian press, but publishes YA with no sexual content; avoids religious themes.
Authors: Scott J. Abel, Scott Wieczorek
Submission Guidelines

Magpie Eclectic Press: Christian publisher specializing in speculative fiction; considers fiction that’s not specifically Christian as long as it’s “PG-13” and not anti-Christian. Recently launched.
Authors: Gillian Bronte Adams
Submission Guidelines

Marcher Lord Press: See Enclave Publishing

Peasantry Press: Christian-owned publishing house publishes multiple genres including but not limited to speculative fiction. Launched January 2015.
Submission Guidelines

P&R Publishing Co.: Mostly nonfiction, but some fantasy and science fiction. Submission form indicates they’ll consider fiction of any genre as long as it’s from a Christian worldview, that is, “designed to help all readers grow in Christian thought.”
Authors: science fiction by Brock Eastman and fantasy novels by Jeremiah W. Montgomery and L.B. Graham
Submission Guidelines

PDMI Publishing: General market small press open to Christian fiction; multiple genres, including fantasy and science fiction. Will be accepting submissions July 1-14 and October 1-14.
Authors: Cindy Koepp
Submission Guidelines

Port Yonder Press: No longer accepting submissions. Website states the book publishing division is on “indefinite hiatus.”

Prism Book Group: Christian publisher; covers multiple genres of fiction. Currently closed to submissions unless you meet an editor at a conference. Watch the website for updates.
Authors: Pauline Creeden, Kim McMahill
Submission Guidelines

Risen Books: Christian publisher specializing in fiction; looking for stories with a strong biblical worldview
Authors: Yvonne Anderson, Tim Chaffey & Joe Westbrook, Michelle Griep, Tessa Stockton
Submission Guidelines

Splashdown Books: Now a hybrid press. See Splashdown Books changes business model.

Taegais Publishing: Open to multiple genres. In addition to traditional publishing, the company also offers fee-for-service production.
Authors: Hannah Cobb, Amy Deardon
Submission Guidelines

Under the Moon: General market small press open to Christian fiction; looking primarily for speculative fiction, but also military fiction, as well as “stories that don’t fit a specific genre;” the target market is gamers
Submission Guidelines

Written World Communications: Christian publisher; covers many genres, including speculative
Authors: P. A. Baines, H.G. Ferguson, Lelia Rose Foreman, Rebecca P. Minor, N. Paul Williams
Submission Guidelines


19 comments on “Publishers of Christian Speculative Fiction

  1. Peasantry Press is accepting submissions now. They’re not strictly Christian, but they are open to Christian Fiction. Address is http://www.peasantrypress.com

  2. Word Alive Press is a Canadian Christian publisher based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba http://wordalivepress.ca. They publish a variety of genres. And for Canadian new authors they have an annual publishing contest.

  3. Thanks for the head’s up. I won’t “publish” through. I haven’t checked out every site on the list, are there any you know of that are in Canada?

    • None that I know of. I believe they are all in the U.S. except Splashdown, which is based in New Zealand.

      Actually, since Splashdown changed its business model, it should really come off the list also.

  4. Hi. I’m Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Empyreome Magazine, a quarterly online publication dedicated to publishing clean, high quality speculative fiction. Although we are not a “Christian publication” per se, I am a Christian, and I’m particular interested in reading submissions from that perspective. You can see our submission guidelines here: http://empyreome.com/submissions.aspx.

  5. What about Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing? They are a small traditional press that publishes speculative Christian fiction and clean fiction.


  6. Hi Kristen, Just wanted to let you know that more than a few of the above links did not work for me. Interestingly, two of them took me to websites that were in Japanese? But such a useful resource, thank you muchly!

    • Emily, thanks for letting me know. I normally try to update the list once or twice a year, but this has been an off year for me. Updating this page is on my list of things to do!

      Don’t know what’s up with the Japanese pages, though. That’s really weird!

  7. Here’s a recently launched publisher. Sally Apokedak is a Christian and a well-known agent formerly associated with Leslie H. Stobbe’s famous agency. https://paraklesispress.com/blog/

  8. We accept submissions from non-agented authors at JohnHuntPublishing.com. Across the different imprints we publish up to 200 titles a year, international distribution and sales teams. We have two Christian imprints, one traditional and one liberal, and several fiction ones.A quarter of the new titles we publish have an author subsidy, mostly in fiction, about 15% across the list as a whole. Whether that excludes us or not, I don’t know. More info in the Author Guide on the website.

  9. Twelve House is always open to Christianity, but never Christendom.

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