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Josh R Smith lives in rural northeast Missouri with his wife and three kids. He works as an IT technician, supporting several businesses including his local church, and a ministry that focuses on helping men, women, and children overcome life controlling addictions. Josh works with the youth in his church, and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for board games.

Josh is currently the Associate Acquisitions Editor for all of Splickety Publishing Groups three magazines. What started with Josh sending in his flash fiction has grown into a love for fast, hard hitting stories. You can read several of his stories on his website below.

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Catch Josh on social media as @joshthewriter42


Multiple Splickety credits, including some on their blog.

Online Pitch

Josh is still fairly new to pursuing traditional publication and has outlines for several multi-books stories that span multiple genres. From a steampunk wild west mashup involving a Triad-esque crime syndicate crossing the paths of railway tycoons, to a star-crossing YA science fiction tale of three children who find themselves orphaned and light years from anyone who knows what really happened to their parents. Josh’s true passion is for epic fantasy.

He is currently working on self-publishing two projects. The first is a compilation of various flash fiction and short stories, while the second is a themed collection taking stories from the Bible and putting them into speculative worlds. Mad Max meets Noah, Jonah and the Black Hole, Jael: Vampire huntress. Look for these books to be released in 2018.

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