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Timothy C. Ward is an aspiring author and Executive Producer of Adventures in SciFi Publishing, a podcast and website with book reviews, interviews and giveaways. He has been podcasting since 2010, first as AudioTim, and now with AISFP. His first publication, Cornhusker: Demon Gene (A Short Story), is available on Kindle for $.99. His novel in progress, Kaimerus, is described as “Firefly crashes on Avatar and wakes up 28 Days Later.”

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He can be found on Twitter as @timothycward, on Facebook (Author Page), and his website.



  • Executive Producer, Adventures in SciFi Publishing Podcast
  • Honorable Mention for Writers of the Future Contest
  • Cornhusker: Demon Gene” published on Kindle, accepted in Monsters! anthology by A Flame in the Dark
  • Book Reviewer and Interviewer at SF Signal

Online Pitch

Concept Cover

Kaimerus Deception


Stranded on a planet with telepaths and a large colony of future slaves, Yuman Re is offered the role of General over the colony or wallow in prison. Choosing the role of General reveals dark secrets and sets the rebels hunting for his head. Stopping the man in power could cost Yuman his freedom, sanity, or even his life. But if he doesn’t, the whole colony might be swept away at the hands of an evil tyrant.

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