TSA-They See London, They See France

And they see a whole lot more than your underpants if you have traveled recently. In a supposed effort to beef up security, TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has implemented full body scanners as a means of primary security at many airports in the United States.

Now, some of you may be thinking it is a good thing but I have to point out a few things before you can make an accurate opinion on this form of security.

By the end of 2011, TSA plans to have these machines at their over 2000 checkpoints across the country. These scanners are a virtual strip search machine. They see under your clothing and are suppose to protect against terrorist attacks on planes and at airports. It has also come to light that there are plans to put these machines out in the public as well…sporting events, bus stations, train stations, court houses and any number of other locations.

Under a Freedom of Information Act suit filed by EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center), they found that US Marshals had stored images of over 35,000 people at a Florida courthouse that has similar technology as the airports. The EPIC group has filed several suits against TSA and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) requesting documents concerning the full body scanners. TSA and DHS have not been cooperative, and further suits had to be filed. On January 11, 2010, it was discovered that the body scanners  could not only store images but could also send images to anywhere via the internet.

Imagine your 3 year old daughter’s naked image being ogled by some TSA agent you know nothing about. She must raise her hands high so they can see every nook and cranny. The pond scum has the ability to save her image and send it to whomever they want. The scanning machine is also USB capable. That means TSA agents may download images and take them with them. This is a direct violation of child pornography laws but somehow TSA (a private company with a government contract) is above the law.

Now, in the video below, the child set the alarm off because she couldn’t go through it right. She gets a pat-down. I must say I would not have held my child so my child could be violated. I imagine this mother is feeling violated for her child and for herself.

It has recently come to light that TSA agents have little to no training, they might not have a background check and they are paid only a little more than your checker at Walmart.  But somehow, they are qualified to check nudy pictures of men, women and children that come through security.

It reminds me of another contracted agency that has little training but are supposely qualified to steal children. Just sayin’

What can be seen with these scanners? Well, male and female genitals to start. Any body piercings, or prosthetics. I’ll talk about what happens if you have any of these in a minute. If you are a woman and it is your time of the month, TSA will know. If you have a catheter with urine bag, or colostomy bag…not only will they know, they may spill it all over you. This was the case for one traveler and he had to walk through the airport with his own urine down the front of him.

Now, you do have the choice to opt-out of the full body scanner. Or in the cases where your leg braces, urine bag or piercings set off an alarm, you will be selected for TSA’s favorite version of security…the pat-down. If you opt-out, TSA agents will make sure anyone in hearing distance will know by screaming in their best SWAT voices, “OPT-OUT!” Then, in full view of the general public, they will search all of your private places with open hands and prodding fingers.

If you refuse the pat-down option, TSA will tear your ticket up. Some travelers have been stranded or did not receive a refund for the ticket. If you return to the TSA check point that day, they have you arrested. But you can come back tomorrow and try again.

Pilots and stewardesses only recently were given a waiver to bypass these scanners. One pilot felt so violated from a TSA pat-down that he was unable to safely fly the plane. One stewardess (a surviving breast cancer patient) told the TSA agent that she had a prosthetic breast. The TSA agent made her remove it.

There are horror stories popping up all over the web of control-freak TSA agents picking the prettiest women from the lines for random screenings. A woman was made to use pliers to remove piercing in private areas. A boy with leg braces made to remove his braces and try to walk through the scanner…uh…hello…he wears braces for a reason. Women being nearly lifted from the ground by the force of a hand between their legs.

If you are a man, think about some sausage-fingered thug putting his fingers on your wife’s jewels, or him squeezing her breasts in front of you. I am actually surprised some upset husband hasn’t decked a TSA agent. Just Sayin’. My husband would. If a man were to try to touch me, I have no doubt that Quinton would be arrested and a TSA agent would be the hospital.  Now, think about that same swine groping your momma or your baby girl. You should be seeing red and if you’re not, someone should check your vitals to make sure you are indeed alive.

Supposedly, only women do pat-downs on women and men do pat-downs on men. But the general flying public has proven this to be a lie. What does that look like over there? –>

Now, let us consider this. If I were to walk up to a man in the street and grab his “junk”, I might get away with it. I am being honest. Please, know I have never and will never do such a thing.  If I were to do the same to a woman, I would get the tar smacked out of me and probably arrested. If I were to do that to a child, anyone within seeing distance would mob me, beat the tar out of me and I would be arrested. If a man did any of those things, he might not make it to being arrested. Same goes if I were to take naked pictures of someone without their express permission. A child may not give permission for such a thing, and rightly so.

Why? Because it is a violation of a person’s right to be left alone. It is a violation of your body. It is a sin. It is against the law.  And these little acts of touching and image taking would get any of us killed, beaten or behind bars…or a combination of the three. It is pornography with the images and sexual assault with the pat-downs. If someone in a position of authority does either, it is a violation of the 4th Amendment because they have illegally searched without probable cause.

The airports and TSA claim that flying is a privilege. Again, this is a violation of the 4th Amendment. We have the right to travel freely. That is part of liberty and The Supreme Court has upheld this on numerous occasions. In addition, travelers buy airline tickets. That in itself makes the claim null and void.

Privilege– a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most: the privileges of the very rich.

In the case of the TSA, they have been put on record for detaining travelers that they find suspicious or that have refused to succumb to the violations of their liberties. In several cases, they have handcuffed travelers. This is a clear violation of the 5th Amendment of the Constitution. None of these travelers were read their Miranda Rights. What authority does this private company have to detain Americans?

Remember, God grants our rights, not the government or the Constitution. The Constitution protects those rights and the government has sworn to uphold the Constitution. Seems to me that the government is the one acting like a terrorist.

Terrorist– a person who terrorizes or frightens others.

Terrorism– the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

Since September 11, 2001, the American people have run on fear. It was a horrendous event that will forever mark the landscapes of our country. But I must stress my dislike of DHS, TSA and any other organization that acts in a way akin to Nazis, herding people like cattle with no regard for their rights or their value.

Obama is obligated to stop this kind of travesty, but instead he has asked the people to submit like good little sheeple. TSA administrator, John Pistole and Security Secretary Janet Napolitano also want Americans to just submit to this violation. All three have sworn to uphold the Constitution. Knowingly participating in something that violates that oath is treason.Actually, any high ranking official that knows, participates or condones crimes against the people are guilty of high treason. The positions they hold are those that should maintain the highest level of integrity. Yet, the American people have not said a word. Mind you, none of the above mentioned have to go through TSA security checkpoints. One blogger made a very valid point. Perhaps, the Obama’s should all go through TSA’s scanner and pat-down. That would include his baby girls. No good leader would ever ask of his people to do something he would not submit to as well.

Before I sign off, I must stress that this is not a political post. This is one Christian woman that is mad as hell and very tired of the country she loves being destroyed from the inside. I am tired of elected and appointed officials taking what is not theirs to take under the guise of security, and I am honestly wondering how much longer they will get away with it.

I will leave you all with one of my favorite quotes.

BEN FRANKLIN – They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Peace, love and God’s will.

About Diane Graham

Diane Graham lives in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, children and many dogs. She is an avid reader and lover of all art forms that encapsulate imagination and goodness. Her debut novel I Am Ocilla was released in March 2012.

53 comments on “TSA-They See London, They See France

  1. Thanks for keeping this issue fresh in our minds, Diane. I may not do my traveling now on the airplanes, but in the future I see myself doing so and I don’t want to have to endure this crap. If someone sets off the walk-through metal detector, what’s wrong with using the handheld for further verification as they’ve done before? Why the hell do they need to feel up kids for? So ridiculous. Two thumbs down to the TSA for such violations of our Constitutional rights and two thumbs down for the government letting them get away with it for as long as they have been. Another organization should be put in place me thinks. Or something. Ugh.

    • You are welcome, David. My husband said I tossed and turned all night last night. This has been heavy on my mind and even heavier on my heart. He says I am wasting my words and my rants but I just can’t bring myself to believe that.

  2. That video is seriously disturbing. I could not stand there and let my little girl be handled like that. The fact that she was screaming brought me to tears.

    • I know! There are many videos out there but this one made me sick to the point of me tossing and turning for days because of it.

  3. In truth, there are horror stories out there. But only 4% of travelers are subjected to pat-downs. I fully understand the outrage, but if the next underwear bomber were successful, we’d be up in arms that the Obama Administration wasn’t doing everything in its power to protect us. It is, quite unfortunately, a no-win situation.

    • No! That is not good enough. It has been proven that these machines are unable to detect the powder explosive the underwear bomber had on him. Yet, they caught him. If someone is hell bent on killing people, they can cram enough explosives up their hiney to blow a jet clear out of the sky. Are you suggesting we all submit to cavity searches all in the name of security? I don’t think so. All hell will freeze over before some man or woman for that matter sticks their hands on my child in that way.

      Also, I do believe Obama and his administration are doing a whole lot to hurt this country. Never has a president tried to separate the people in such a blatant way. Now, I am suppose to go along like a good little sheeple while his family goes on vacation and does not have to be sexually assaulted or have a virtual strip search? I don’t think so.

  4. My first response when I heard about what was going on with the TSA and these body scans and pat downs, was I not going to be flying. Due to a back injury it is hard for me to travel by car long distance, not that flying is much better but it is quicker. So unless I want to be molested at the airport I am pretty much left to stay home. What happened to my 4th Amendment, I have the right to travel freely?

  5. Heartbreaking and horrifying what is happening in what used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  6. Diane, I posted on my blog about this too.

    I think it is very interesting that the people who are in power now have advocated on more than one occasion that Americans are arrogant and rude, and deserve to be humbled and humiliated before the world. This action, with regard to exposing everyone who travels, appears to be that crowd, taking steps to make absolutely certain that we have our faces properly ground into the dirt of our existence.

    And, for what it’s worth, I agree with you; this is an outrage. They did, however, come out with a public statement saying they were going to tone down the body searches of children under the age of twelve. This isn’t as much comfort to me as I had at first thought it might be; I have a child who is almost 17, and I still object absolutely, uncategorically to anyone feeling him up, and believe it would be child abuse. Heh–I think it’s sexual abuse of anyone at any age!

    I think it would be more than reasonable to institute impeachment proceedings, if you could get Congress to do so.

  7. Good heavens! I go to bed and wake up to a post and 13 comments to boot!
    I find two issues truly objectionable (other than the obvious ones you’ve listed, Crazyhair Vaulter): the lack of training for screeners and the refusal to profile.
    No one should be allowed to do any kind of “security” without specific training and supervision with accountability and consequences for abuse. If all searches were standardized, monitored and subject to penalty, it would solve most of the problem because those poor screeners would quit under the pressure. Only the economy probably keeps them there now.
    Second, our political correctness has us so afraid of offense and litigation, the screeners won’t pick the obvious suspects. Women in full body berkas are exempt from pat downs. Are you kidding?
    Yes, we’ve seen some homegrown blond, blue-eyed terrorists, but not many.
    So we jump into this nonsense full bore with no clue, no training and no focus. Chaos doesn’t keep anyone safe.
    Israel has the best security in the world, and they don’t use this stuff. They use their brains. We could take a lesson.
    Well said, m’dear.

  8. Diane, I signed off and went to bed after I commented on your article last night, so I didn’t see your request until this morning. Were you able to get to my blog by clicking on my name, or do you still want the address?


    You know, it’s the wildest thing, but I felt safer as a child flying overseas on jets that I knew were poorly maintained–than I do now as an adult, going through any airport in the U.S. I think this is because when we were growing up overseas we were very clear on the fact that we didn’t fly to be “safe.” We flew because it was the most reasonable way to get from Point A to Point B. So we had our minds focused on other things than personal safety, like jealously guarding our wallets and purses from any would-be pick-pockets!

    Airline safety has come a long way in that country since I was small. I can remember getting on a commercial jet, and having the aisle so full of people’s extra carryons (things like large live orchids, sacks of fruit, etc), that the stewards and stewardesses couldn’t negotiate the aisle! They seemed to have a problem with that…

    We also used to get invited to go up to the cockpit and kibbitz with the pilots, especially as teens. The pilots loved the attention and we enjoyed seeing all the fancy dials and buttons, etc. Kids these days are so deprived! I remember how shocked we were, the first flight we got on that we were totally rebuffed and told to stay AWAY from the cockpit. Wow. Wasn’t that weird…

    • I have flown maybe a dozen times. I remember as a child that the stewardesses would give us eagle wings and let us go see the captain. Seems like a lifetime ago.

      Your blog post was excellent, Krysti. I recommend everyone to go check it out. I left a comment. 😀

  9. Ooops! I was momentarily distracted by a virtual sheep. My bad. ( :- o

  10. If I ever have to fly again, I think I’m going to go take temporary holy orders (become a nun for a day), and wear a habit onto the plane. I would probably have to borrow a habit from our realtor, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind!

    I bet they don’t have the chutspa to search nuns any more than they search the women in the burkhas…

  11. They won’t search burkhas because CAIR, I believe it is, is a front for Islamic terrorist organizations in America. Anything that Islamic rights group does should be viewed with suspicion, it’s been proven they have contacts with jihadists.

    Delta Force operatives used burkhas to infiltrate Afghanistan because you could easily hide a rifle under it. So they’d sneak out of their safe-houses with rifles under the burkhas, and open fire. It’d create terror and suspicion of every burkha they see. If Delta Force can do it in Afghanistan, why can’t AL Quaeda do it in a plane? They just need to be able to avoid detection.

    • A metal detector would find weapons, Kaleb. We are not in Afghanistan. We are Americans and our country is suppose to protect our God given rights.

      • So they use this and the full body scanners? That’s paranoid.

        Perhaps they are actually trying to do their job and prevent another 9/11.

      • Check out Jeff Gerke’s suggestion on his page, Kaleb. And please do not try to tell me this is okay in any way. I am not buying. Have your liberty violated just once and you may change your mind on the whole “false security” thing. I want you to research the American Revolution, especially the Federalists Papers and Common Sense. Think outside the cookie-cutter for a minute.

        My husband served in the military along with my brother, brother-in-law, father, step-father, mother, several uncles and aunts and a long, long line back. Do not try to paint me un-American with your loud words, sir. I love my country and refuse to let it go down the toilet by some swollen-headed jack-wagon on a power-trip.

        Do you recall what happened on 9-11? You weren’t very old at that time. They did not have bombs. They overtook the cockpit and flew the plane into the side of a building…several buildings. While you are at that, go ahead and research that event also. Airplanes are now equipped with locked cockpits and the pilots have a gun up there. Also, TSA has NEVER stopped a terrorist. The underwear bomber last year had his father call and report him.

        You are going to have do your research a little better, Kaleb. I guarantee you I have done mine. You are still young and you will learn that you cannot believe everything FOX news spews forth. Blessings and happy truth finding. 😀

      • I don’t have an opinion, I’m just looking at it from different points of view.

  12. It’s funny because I was just reading about this yesterday. I’ve never flown, but it’s something I hope to do one day and it just horrifies me to know that this is even legal. It’s one thing to be molested by someone of the same sex in the name of security, another entirely to get searched my a man. And children? How was that ever allowed?

    I read of one man who refused to be scanned or molested, only to be sued something like ten grand for leaving the premises. It’s insane.

  13. My dearest youngest daughter,

    First off, I want to congratulate you on such a brave post. Then I would like to thank the Lord in his infinite wisdom for giving me the honor to be an American citizen. When I think of all the people in the world who do not have the afforded luxury that I have, to be able to voice my opinion on such topics without the fear of having my head severed from my body, I literally shudder! I think though, that even some of these folk would rise up in horror against some of these atrocities. I was at one time a correctional officer in Fort Worth Tx. and I worked the back door of the jail house. I preformed full body pat downs on a daily basis. On the whole, most contraband was kept out of the jail,but————–even we were not allowed to do cavity searches. It had to be done by an authorized doctor or nurse. Still, contraband seemed to get in. The point I am trying to make here, is that there will always be cracks in the walls for vermin to slip through. Just as Robynn so aptly stated. “Israel has the best security in the world, and they don’t use this stuff.” What we are doing though is showing our stupidity by broadcasting everything we do for security on television. They learn where we are most vulnerable, on the internet or the television. The one thing I do know is that we are humans, there are good and bad apples throughout the world in every walk of life. We have good as well as bad in this “United” States. We good, need to UNITE and do what we can to drive out the bad. Just like in your soul, evil can only enter if you allow it. Bond together and come up wit a force so strong that no human force can stand against it. Unite with God!

    • The difference I see is that the people that came through the jail had been arrested. They were read their rights and you had the authority to o the search. You went through extensive training and had to be certified to do so. There was probable cause and the system of laws was adhered to.

      TSA has no authority, they are poorly trained, and they are violating innocent men, women and children.

  14. My dearest youngest daughter,

    This was my point! I was trying to say, that even with highly trained personnel something always seems to slip through the cracks and that it is ludicrist for TSA to think that untrained personnel are going to make a difference. All it does is humiliate the American Public and embarrass the American Government.

    • Even if they were, they have no right or authority. They shame our country and the terrorists are having a good belly laugh, I’m sure.

  15. My dearest youngest daughter,

    If they really wanted to get in the States, all they have to do is go to Mexico, put on a pancho and “Sneak” across the border. They will be treated as royalty! LOL

  16. Y’know, if the only way we can keep from getting frisked is to wear a burkha, that’s a really sad state of affairs. I think we won’t be flying any time soon!

    • I agree, Krysti. My husband and I were just talking about that. Just like you wrote in your blog post, there is only an illusion of safety. Honestly, if someone wanted to kill a bunch of people, TSA has them all bottle-necked at the checkpoints. How safe is that?

  17. Hmmmm……gives me an idea for when I’m flying to a costume party. 😈

  18. Oh, wow! Talk about interesting timing! Leslie Nielsen passed on this weekend, and Diane is talking about the TSA, and just about 14 minutes ago AMC started showing the film “Airplane!” Good times! 😀

  19. About a month ago a friend of mine I grew up with who was trying to provide for his Wife and Kids traveled to a different state for work. He suffered a Life Threatening Brain Injury due to a freak accident. He had to have surgery and plates but in head, he is recovering but is still having many complications. He is flying home tomorrow to be with his Family and has many surgeries ahead of him. I am so worried what he might endure at the hands of the TSA. You know the metal plates in his head are going set of the scanners; he is no shape to be molested. I pray that he is able to get thru the airport without a huge hassle.

  20. I’m thinking I’ll have hubby send me a burkha when he goes next time. Nah, I just won’t fly. I am not going through that crap.
    A few years ago, Diane and I flew to Maine to assist our parents with moving, and I had just recently had knee surgery. I was barely ably to walk with a cane. They made me go through security without my cane and would not let me hold on to anything.

    • It was awful for my sis. It didn’t matter that she could barely walk or that she cried. An that was over three years ago.

  21. Six years ago my Dad flew here to visit with me, while here he ended up in the hospital with double pneumonia. Already having COPD the doctors would only release him to fly home if he had oxygen. I called the Airport to find out if they had wheelchairs that they could provide to him or if I should rent one, they told me they had them there. Once we arrived at Airport I asked for a wheelchair only to be told he would not be provide with one until he had gone thru security check. I found a luggage rack; I loaded my Dad on it and took him up to the security check, I had security follow me the whole way. Thankfully my Dad was a sport about it and just kept thumbing the security, What a waste of security that day….

  22. My older sister is going out of the country to Brazil on a mission trip this weekend…the thought of this happening to her makes me sick.

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