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Short Story Review: Drawn from the Water by Marian Jacobs

Drawn from the Water

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I enjoy a good Bible story retelling and Marian A. Jacobs’s Drawn from the Water did not disappoint. It’s solidly written and was both familiar and fresh.

What I enjoyed was the similarity in setting. While the story is obviously science fiction with a land with multiple suns, advanced communication, and a world not our own. Yet there’s water, the heroine is picking dates, and there’s both slavery and the forced execution of sons. Just like when the Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians. The story continues in a parallel plot to the that of Moses’s early days as told from the eyes of his sister Miriam.

The story is well-paced although it took me a bit to pick up on the parallels. I started out enjoying it as a good piece of science-fiction. This makes the story appealing both to those familiar with the historical account of Moses and those unfamiliar with the Bible.

I hope Marian Jacobs writes more retellings of Bible stories.

And for those attending, only one more Monday after today before Realm Makers!!

What is your favorite retelling of a Bible story?

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