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“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…” Teddy Roosevelt Let’s drop a little nugget of truth to start off today: It’s a lot easier to hit “play next episode” than it is to sit down and spit out a thousand words of imaginative prose. There are […]

Writer’s Help – Finding a plan

The biggest hurdle that you face as an author isn’t ensuring that your dialog isn’t flaky. It isn’t pacing, character development, or story beats. There’s one thing that needs to happen before your country cottage, intergalactic space station, or floating castle can take shape: You must put words on the page.

Three ways to turn off your internal editor

I have a secret to tell you. I like to take notes. On physical paper. With a real pen. As the token “tech guy”, this causes me a bit of ridicule. I bust out my Captain America journal from Walmart and jot down whatever important thing someone said. OK, most of the time it’s some […]