Flash Fiction Frenzy – Just Ask Him Already

Spark 02-2018

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After a couple of weeks of audiobook reviews, I’m switching back to short fiction. This time for a bit of shameless self-promotion. Specifically, the “Sadie Hawkins” issue of Spark magazine. Spark is the romance flash fiction imprint of Splickety Publishing Group which also includes Splickety (general flash fiction) and Havok (speculative flash fiction), and Spark (romantic flash fiction).

I’ve been a fan of Splickety from not long after the inaugural issue and enjoy reading it each month. The stories are in the 300-700-word range, so they are fast to read. Each month is centered around a theme but the stories vary greatly.

This month, Pepper Basham is the featured author with a story about a librarian and her crush on a famous author, and he’s coming to her small town library! You can only imagine her glasses bouncing on their chain as her heart flutters at meeting him in person.

Teddi Deppner has the featured staff story with a humorous piece about rival journalists that reminded me of Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher’s on-screen chemistry in Lois and Clark.

Each one was fantastic and include a woman who chooses to be an Uber driver much to her mother’s chagrin, a charming story of an elderly romance, and a sweet story of commuters that left me both satisfied and begging for a sequel.

My contribution is “The Promposal” a modern teen romance which may or may not have been inspired by my senior prom experience.

Have you read any flash fiction? If not, this is a great time to try it.


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2 comments on “Flash Fiction Frenzy – Just Ask Him Already

  1. Way to go Gretchen!

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