Mythic Orbits Blog Tour: Review

Since I first picked up Tales from Mos Eisley Cantina at my local library back in the mid 90’s, I’ve been a fan of short story anthologies. An anthology allows multiple authors to weave stories around a central theme. Many times you end up with varying viewpoints of events, a wide array of characters, and most importantly, depth.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Mythic Orbits Vol 2. In the words of Bear Publication’s Travis Perry: this anthology “aims to collect the best available speculative fiction stories written by Christian authors.” If you’re into books like Frayed by Kerry Nietz, or movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, then this Anthology has a story for you.

Mythic Orbits is published by Bear Publications under the care of Travis Perry. A military man, Travis has been all around the world and is a speculative author himself. Mythic Orbits Vol 2 features stories from Steve Rzasa, Donald S. Crankshaw, Linda Burklin, CW Briar, Cindy Koepp, C.O. Bonham, Kristin Janz, William Bontrager, A.K. Meek, Keturah Lamb, and Kat Heckenbach. Many of these authors have their own published works. Click through to follow them online.

This anthology takes the reader on a pretty wild ride. Stories cover a wide range from classic science fiction to magic surrealism. My favorite story featured a young girl trying to make her dying brother’s dream come true. I was truly moved by the words. #nospoilers

While some of the stories have a strong Christian theme, such as Recalled from the Red Planet, most of the stories are clean, well-written stories that are written by authors who themselves are Christians. The whole “Christian vs. Secular” can sometimes be a heated topic is evangelical circles. I tend to stick to advice I hear at one of my first writing conferences: “Write the story as it needs to be written.” Solid fiction is my wheelhouse. Whether it features a Christian overtone, or explicitly preaches the gospel, as authors, our job is to tell a story.

I enjoyed every story in this anthology. Travis did an excellent job gathering a talented group of Christian authors for this project. You can find more anthologies published by Bear Publications at their website, or click the author’s names above to find out more about their individual works. Come back next week for an interview with Bear Publications front-man himself: Travis Perry.

Are you a fan of short stories? I happen to be working on a short story project myself (more on that in the coming weeks.) Also, last Friday submissions for the new Havok Publishing went live! I’ll be featuring a post on the new place for flash fiction on October 23rd. I’d love to hear from you. Drop a comment below, or find me on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. Until next time!

2 comments on “Mythic Orbits Blog Tour: Review

  1. Very nice review of the book. Thank you!

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