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A Thumbscrew Review: A Star Curiously Singing, by Kerry Nietz

I suppose the first thing you noticed is that I’ve decided to give a title to my reviews. Why not? Diane has her Anvil Reviews. My title does have some significance though. I tend to be hyper-critical when reviewing. It’s a mixture of OCD, perfectionism, and honesty. I’ve been that way for years…and I don’t […]

Anvil Interview- Frank Creed and Calamity Kid

Welcome back today, my friends. As you can see, Frank has brought a java peace offering. The man does his homework. Obviously, I can’t chunk anvils if I am drinking coffee. Well played, Frank, well played.

Anvil Interview- Sandfly and HardCandy

Welcome back today for the much anticipated interview with HardCandy and Sandfly. In order to bring you this feed, I had to be altered to receive. What do I mean by that? Teardrop implant. Had a hard time getting through my crazy hair. The normal gel used to remove it didn’t work. Ended up shaving […]

Anvil Review – The Superlative Stream by Kerry Nietz

This week I am very excited to present to you my review of The Superlative Stream by Kerry Nietz. As many of you know, Kerry is with Marcher Lord Press. I think I have mentioned this a thousand times before. They recently had a face-lift of their site. <PLUG> Click the name above to link […]

Special Guest – Kerry Nietz

Introduction by Keven Newsome As we continue our new guest blogger series, I’m pleased to present Marcher Lord Press author Kerry Nietz.  Kerry is a friend of NAF, and can be seen lurking in the comment sections. Diane Graham has spent a good deal of time with Kerry already, reviewing his debut novel A Star […]

Interview ~ Kerry Nietz

Welcome back today for my first ever interview with author Kerry Nietz. If you did not stop by yesterday, please take a look at my review of A Star Curiously Singing HERE. Since I am new to the game, this will be a bit different from other interviews. I’m okay with that because let’s face […]

Review ~ A Star Curiously Singing by Kerry Nietz

The world of Christian publishing has been knocked for a loop by a few indie publishers. At the front of the line and leading the charge is Jeff Gerke with Marcher Lord Press. Nearly every book his company has released has been at least nominated for some major awards. I am honored this week to […]