Anvil Review – The Superlative Stream by Kerry Nietz

This week I am very excited to present to you my review of The Superlative Stream by Kerry Nietz. As many of you know, Kerry is with Marcher Lord Press. I think I have mentioned this a thousand times before. They recently had a face-lift of their site.

<PLUG> Click the name above to link to it. Check out all the wonderful they have to offer.  <PLUG>

Just like all my Anvil Reviews, there will be a drawing next Tuesday. What must you do to enter? Simple, leave me a comment here or on Kerry’s Facebook page saying you would like to enter, post a link on your wall for another entry(let me know), like his page for another(let me know). Two signed copies will go out to two lucky guys/gals or a combination of the two. Good times.

Are you ready to slip into the stream?

Here we go…

The Superlative Stream takes us into deep space on board the DarkTrench. Sandfly has heard A Star Curiously Singing and must now find out why. All his stops are gone and he is almost like a freehead. What is a freehead? It is anyone able to think without being shocked by an implant. While Sandfly still has a teardrop chip connecting him to his version of the internet, the stops that once kept him on a tight leash no longer function.

After escaping a world of slavery, he journeys across the solar system with fellow debugger HardCandy and the ship’s computer, trying to find the source of the song. He has become a truth seeker. You and I both know there is only one real truth. Everything else is subjective and changing.

But Sandfly has lived a life full of lies. This truth thing…without stops…is something scary. He begins to feel the weight of choice and the responsibility of that gift. Just like anyone with freewill, Sandfly stumbles along the way.

Do not fear. As I’ve mentioned before, God stoops to where we are. <Plug for review on first book> HERE

What held me captivated in The Superlative Stream? HardCandy’s story. Kerry shows by way of Sandfly getting a feed of her memories. Genius manipulation of writing rules. I slip inside her mind and my heart stayed with HardCandy throughout the book.

HardCandy is the only female debugger and the question begs to be asked…WHY? Well, we find out. I am not one to ruin a book so you will have to read and see.

All and all, I am left feeling satisfied with the direction Sandfly and HardCandy are going. Many would say the things that brought them to where they are have been random coincidence. That the universe is a crazy conglomeration of happenstance. Sandfly knows better now. He sees the pattern of beautiful weaved into the everyday.

HardCandy sees also. She sees that her life has value beyond a slave or a woman. Enough value that many have thrown themselves into harm’s way to save it. That is where the blur goes away and everything becomes clear for my gal. The stops are removed and she is free.

I have two excellent quotes that are worth extra attention.


1.“In fact, ever since a bot started quoting forbidden and thought-to-be-corrupted scripture at me I’ve been living where the map ends.”

Please note the cleverness in the quotes. 🙂

2.”God streams Full Impact, freehead.”

Full Impact- All sensory included.


Anvil Rating: 5

Kerry has somehow managed to dodge the anvil once again. I will get him yet. There will be a third installment to the DarkTrench Saga.

Come back tomorrow for my interview with Sandfly and HardCandy.  You can enter to win again for the excellent giveaway of two signed copies of The Superlative Stream. Or if you have yet to read A Star Curiously Singing, I bet Kerry might be able to hook you up. It will be a large time for sure.

Want to know about Kerry Nietz? You can find him in a couple different spots.




Peace, love and God’s will.

About Diane Graham

Diane Graham lives in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma with her husband, children and many dogs. She is an avid reader and lover of all art forms that encapsulate imagination and goodness. Her debut novel I Am Ocilla was released in March 2012.

19 comments on “Anvil Review – The Superlative Stream by Kerry Nietz

  1. Commenting. “Liked” Kerry’s FB page. posted a link on my FB page. Yep, I want the book. You bet! 😀

  2. My dearest youngest daughter,
    I think you have peaked quite a few interests. LOL

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  4. “Commenting” here! I have liked Kerry’s FB page and posted a link on my wall to this page. 🙂

  5. You better count me in on this, Diane! Put me in the hat.

  6. I’d love to enter!(comment to enter)

  7. I’d like to enter, please.

  8. Count me in….

  9. I could be too late for this, and in that case I understand 🙂 But, I liked the page. (Assuming that is the FB page)

    I would link it, but at this point I don’t think it would actually be helpful for the giveaway lol!

    • Sorry you didn’t win one of the copies. Both of Kerry’s books are excellent. I highly recommend them. They would make wonderful presents.

  10. Hey, I just read the first book, A star Curiously Singing. I would love to try and win this book.

    Great Job!

    and thanks Noah for letting me know about it!

    • Hey, Goldarrow. Sorry you missed the drawing. If you will go to Kerry’s Facebook page and like it, he often announces giveaways there.

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