Halloween E-zine seeks submissions

Lantern Hollow Press, publisher of The Gallery of Worlds, an e-zine, is seeking submissions for its All Hallow’s Eve issue. Yet another volley in the campaign to prove that “Christian Horror” is not a contradiction in terms.

The editors are looking for “tales of the ghoulish, the ghastly, and downright scary!” Submissions must fit within the realms of fantasy or science fiction. Word counts must be in the 1,000-15,000 range. The deadline is August 15.

As creators of worlds and works, we strive to worship our Creator through emulation. While the tone of our work is not intentionally evangelistic, no material published by our company will contradict a Christian worldview.—Lantern Hollow Press

For more about Lantern Hollow’s requirements, including what the editors may find objectionable, see the submission guidelines.


UPDATE: We’ve learned that Splickety magazine is also planning a Halloween issue, to come out at the end of September. Splickety includes all genres, but Senior Editor Andrew Winch notes that “speculative fiction is particularly appropriate for the creepy feel we’re going for this issue.” Andrew is looking for flash fiction—that’s 1,000 words or less, the shorter the better. Splickety pays “a small stipend” for stories published.

About Kristen Stieffel

Kristen Stieffel is a writer and freelance editor specializing in speculative fiction. She's a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, Christian Editor Connection, and American Christian Fiction Writers.

17 comments on “Halloween E-zine seeks submissions

  1. And, by the way, don’t you think this photo begs to be used on a book cover?

    • Agree. And I agree that creepy stories can have Christian themes as well. I’m getting my chills with House right now.

  2. As an artist from Cranbury, N.J. USA who is published in a local newsletter with my
    Luhey dog cartoons, I was wondering are any small time magazines accepting
    submissions thru snail mail? Best wishes to you with your publishing adventures.
    Have a nice day!
    T.R. Miller

    • I don’t know, TR. I only follow speculative fiction markets, and even those I don’t watch closely. From my experience in the newsroom, I suspect most markets have gone to entirely digital submissions, because all the production is digital. But there may yet be small publications willing to accept hard-copy submissions and do the scanning themselves. You might try the National Cartoonists Society for more information. I confess it’s the only cartoonists organization I know of because it’s based here in Central Florida. The NCS doesn’t seem to list markets, but the site has links to other organizations that may. Good luck! 🙂

    • Hi TR –
      I corresponded with you back in the 90’s, and I’d like to put some of your cartoons on the website for my zine, Shouting at the Postman. Send them to PO Box 101, Newtown, PA 18940-0101. Thanks!

    • Hi T.R.,
      We used to trade and I ran some Luhey cartoons in my zine Slow Leek in the ’90s. Would you interested in sending in a submission for the zine review zine I edit, Xerography Debt? Thanks!
      PO Box 11064
      Baltimore MD 21212

      • Thanks, Davida! I emailed you to your address above and I am sending you
        submissions to Xerography Debt to your PO Box address. I’d be thrilled to have
        a “Luhey” cartoon in your zine and want you to know that back in the ’90s I was
        happy to be in Slow Leek and trade with you, too. It’s nice to see that you’re still
        part of the art scene in 2015!
        Yours Truly,
        T.R. Miller (Cartoonist)

    • Hi TR,

      Great to see your new work! I published some of your work in the 90’s in Minty Comic. I will be compiling the August issue of White Buffalo Gazette and I’d love to run a Luhey cartoon. If you’re untested let me know and I’ll follow up with my address.

      • Dear ricksmelly,
        I would really enjoy it if you would run a Luhey cartoon in the White Buffalo Gazette
        August issue. And, always interested in being published by someone who stood the
        test of time in the media. Please leave a snail mail address and I’d be glad to send
        some to you. Best of luck to you and yours!
        T.R. Miller (Cartoonist)

        • Great news, T.R.!

          I really enjoy the color work you’ve been doing, and I’ve been planning in printing this issue’s cover in color. Would you be interested in doing the cover? We could use an existing color Luhey toon, or you could design one special too. It should say White Buffalo Gazette or WBG. Let me know what you think. I’m grateful for anything you send of course.

          Mail to:
          Collier Hammerlink
          3715 Grand Av S #202
          Minneapolis MN 55409

          Can’t wait, thanks!

  3. Hi Ricksmelly,
    I’ve decided to pass on your offer. Currently, doing my Luhey cartoons is just a
    hobby and I’m really just doing it for fun. I’m truly not looking to extend it to commercial
    use or get too involved with people online. Although, I sent several publishers Luhey cartoons I completed in color with drawing markers, I’m not seeking that much attention. I’m not looking for a media blitz which is why I left the nonprofit sector years
    ago. I appreciate your sincerity and enthusiam and know you mean well but eventually
    my cartooning will be for loved ones and close friends. I thank you dearly for the
    compliments and wish you well with your artistic endeavors!
    T.R. Miller

    • Hey T.R.,

      That’s okay. I really enjoy your work. Hopefully we’ll keep seeing it online. Keep up the great work and if you decide you want to send something after all it’ll be a thrill.

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