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Piffle and Other Funny Words

Piffle and Other Funny Words

Did you ever notice how some some words just sound ridiculous? Or how some people hate some words, despite the total legitimacy of the word. I’m not talking about irritating, non-words like irregardless and supposively, but genuine words. For example, I know a lot of people hate the word moist. It’s a real word. It […]

Why So Much Writing?

Writing. Writing. Writing. Why so much writing? Have I been asked this question? Well, not exactly in those words but I, like everyone else here, I’m sure have been asked a similar question…or set of questions. I hope to answer in short why “so much writing”. See first things first. We here believe that Christ […]


I am a poet at heart. Today no commentary, no soul-searching…just love. :} Love will come through. In time of sickness, sadness, pain, and through those constant struggles and strain, it has to come through. Through the darkness, through the tears, through the doubt through all of our years… Love will come through. In your heart, in […]

How to use Onenote to write a novel.

*WARNING – This post contains a lot of writery, authory, novel production type stuff. It may be quite boring to any of you who have never been a part of the writing process. Sorry. I had been looking into an organization strategy for writing my novels for several months. Recently, I upgraded my MS Office […]

Massive Books Ahead!

I find it interesting as I talk with various writers of fiction – published and unpublished – that opinions vary as to just how many words should go into a novel of any kind. And I’ve found that a lot of it seems to depend on opinions based on whether or not you’re a first […]

Eric Wilson – defeated? The ramifications and what we should do.

Last Friday author Eric Wilson created a flurry of responses on his Facebook Wall and spawned at least two blog entries about it that I am aware of (not including this one) because of a blog entry he put on his site. According to Mike Duran, in an entry he put here, he confirmed what […]