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Who are you doing this for?

When we go about to write a novel we have a lot of questions that we need to ask ourselves. We should know what we want to write about, what situations will occur in the story and where we want the story to be set. All of these are essential for good story telling. We […]

Celebrating Six Years….

Six years ago on the seventh of January, I went to the courthouse with Mwiche Kalinda and we became man and wife. There was no crowd of people that we knew cheering us on, no minister that we had hired, no special suit for me or dress for her, and no photographer around either to […]

The Blessedness of Nothingness

It’s not easy to live on a mountain.  Just ask our own Diane Graham.  But I’m not talking about physical living, I’m talking about mental living. For the past semester, I’ve been engaged in some of the most mentally challenging classes I’ve ever had.  Here’s the rub, though… I took them at the same time.  […]

What God Said In Florida: Lesson 2

I know that it has been a while since I have been on here to continue what I learned while visiting family and friends in Florida, but with mid-terms and everything going on it has been difficult.  Now that Spring Break is here, and the tests are done with for now, I am finally able […]