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What I Learned From Avatar

No. I’m not talking about James Cameron’s remake of Fern Gully. I’m talking about the award winning Nickelodeon production, Avatar: The Last Air Bender. The first and original Avatar story, that should have had dibs on the name for the movie production, until James Cameron stole it. My son started watching the cartoon while visiting […]

Heroes vs. Villains

Owing to the popularity of my previous two posts and in recognition to the need to have these things simply explained to the novice writer, I’m going to continue my trek into the minds of the characters in stories.  In addition to this article, I will do two more discussing various types of “good guys” […]

The Villain’s Quest

Much has been written and discussed about the Hero’s Journey, but little has been explored about the Villain’s Quest.  I would like to do that now, as best I can. Though it is true that all stories will have a Hero and that most Heroes go through the Hero’s Journey, not all stories have a […]