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Movie Review – Ready Player One

Movie Review – Ready Player One

Our family doesn’t go to the movies very often. We took our daughter and several of her friends to see A Wrinkle in Time for her tenth birthday party. Before that, we only saw 1 or 2 movies in the theater in the past year. We all decided to see Ready Player One. Good choice. It’s a […]

Review: Reclaiming Shilo Snow

Review: Reclaiming Shilo Snow

  Mary Weber just released Reclaiming Shilo Snow, the sequel The Evaporation of Sofi Snow. One thing I loved about these books are that they’re a duology. It’s a trend I’m excited about. I’m becoming a bit weary of trilogies and extended series, especially ones that end abruptly so that basically, I’m committing to one […]

Ready Player One – Audiobook Review

  I am the quintessential child of the 80s. Born at the end of 1972, I’m right in the middle of Generation X and about a year or two younger than James Donovan Halliday aka Anorak a video game tycoon who has set up a virtual world called OASIS and has left his fortune to […]

A wasted youth, Asteroids, and why I don’t play Farmville

I wouldn’t say I wasted my entire youth, just some of it. To be truthful I was pretty busy most of the time, so don’t feel too guilty. There were times, however, when I struggled to find things to do. We had no Internet, no cable TV, no DVDs, no personal computers or cell phones. […]

Birthday Memories and the Blessings of Responsibilities

I turn 29 today, and I thought it would be a good time to reflect on birthdays, both to give my audience a different view into my life, and to see my current state of mind. * For starters, this year I’m thankful not to be sick. Since my birthday comes in a “flu” season, […]

Trip of Pain, Memories and Spookiness

Last week my family took a trip south to Texas to visit family. We’d been back before but not to our old home. Not to the little town where we left everything to protect our children. If you haven’t read that story you can find it here. My husband’s sister bought the house from us […]