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Mountain, Move.

A few years ago, I heard the whisper of God. It was clear as these words on this screen. It said, I know the plans I have for you. Plans for hope and success and not harm. You can do this. Now I’m the One telling you that you can, but you have to put […]

Come Back My Love

It’s not me God…it’s You. You know that it is one-sided when we “lose” the love or steam or zeal, whichever way you put it, for God. For He loves us immeasurably and NOTHING, Friend, NOTHING can separate us from His love.  Romans 8:38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the […]

You Have Not Arrived

A retelling of a powerful story originally heard in Spanish. This is my version. Years ago, a young man, his beloved wife and their son traveled to the southern part of Mexico to bring supplies and hope to the village people. Day in and day out, they worked, tirelessly, to aid the sick and care […]

Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Marvel At

Marvel. 1. One that evokes surprise, admiration, or wonder. 2. Strong surprise; astonishment. v. mar·veled     To become filled with wonder or astonishment. The scene is set in the following scripture. Imagine the clamor and boisterous nature of the crowds around Jesus as He went from town to town. Luke 7:1-9 1 Now when He concluded all His sayings in […]

Turn A New Page Or…

Ah, yes. The well-known quote and it’s various, uh…variations. Turn the page.  Start the next chapter in your life.  Turn over a new leaf.  Violets are red, sky’s are blue. God is good, so what’s troublin’ you? That last one was my attempt at humor. I’m referring to the simple quote about beginning a new chapter […]

Writing By Faith: My Writing Testimony

Saturday mornings. Ah, remember when we were kids and there were actual Saturday morning cartoons? As Diane says, “Good times.” O.k. I digress. My Sister in Christ and in writing, Kat, started a great discussion. I’m sure you’ve read and perhaps even commented. Here’s my two cents about Christians and writing. Make that three. I […]

Moving forward…

It amazes how much life imitates art. It seems that the story of Winter coming to publication matches quite well with the personal story within the book. This book has always been an outcast, just like Winter is an outcast. Nobody has really understood it. There are readers who have loved it, but there have […]

My Turn Again? Oh!

When I was first asked to join The New Authors Fellowship-after the joy-came Keven with a jab saying that maybe the Writers can coax a synopsis from me about The Stories. Pardon me as I re-issue part of my blog post from May 3oth on Aspire No More because I feel that it is fitting. […]