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Ah, Hell.

Ah, Hell.

This week in the news there was a story about a girl in Oklahoma that did not receive her diploma when she should have. That isn’t all that uncommon. The Department of Education says that the dropout rate in the United States as of 2010 is at 7.4%. What that report fails to mention is […]

What I fear the most about writing now.

Now that I’m on the other side, it’s easy to lose perspective. I’ve been trying my best to keep a healthy perspective on things. I’ve also been trying my best to work towards my next book. But I’ve been dragging my feet a little. Winter 2 is so close to being done, still I drag […]

Review: By Darkness Hid

(Warning: This is probably my first true “review” of a published book. Sure, I discuss them a lot, but not write this stuff down for all to see. Second, this is long.) If books were recipes, I could happily mark the 5 star option. Just like the “Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies” recipe, it has all […]

Twilight and My Own New Dawn

This isn’t really about Twilight, the vampire book. Oh I thought it was too, at first. I noticed Meyers’ books years before the true fever set in and it got so you couldn’t not notice. I attended the same college as she did. They featured her in a big article of the school newspaper. Alumni […]