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Trip of Pain, Memories and Spookiness

Last week my family took a trip south to Texas to visit family. We’d been back before but not to our old home. Not to the little town where we left everything to protect our children. If you haven’t read that story you can find it here. My husband’s sister bought the house from us […]

On the Radio

I do a lot of cycling, mostly to work and back every day. I’ve been doing it religiously 😉 for five years now. It’s five miles each way, so that’s ten miles a day, fifty miles a week, over two-hundred miles a month, averaging about two-thousand three-hundred miles a year. So over the past five […]

What God Said In Florida: Lesson 1

As I said in my introductory post What God Said In Florida, I learned a lot from my recent trip to my home town. I went back for a friend’s wedding, and while I was there that God taught me a number of things.  I recognized the lessons I was learning as I reflected on the trip […]