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Alpha Redemption: Winner, Review, and Interview

The Winner (If you don’t know what all this Alpha Redemption stuff is about, read THIS and THIS.) In the last of our numerous posts to help promote NAF’s own PA Baines and the release of his book Alpha Redemption, it is time for us to give you a review and an interview. But not […]

Three weeks and sweating. . .

I am mildly fascinated by time and our relationship with it. I find it intriguing how it seems to speed up and slow down depending on our circumstances and frame of mind. I seriously doubt that time travel is possible but, if it is, I would be the first in line to sign up for […]

Down the Drain

For a week and a half our tub has been leaking. I’m not talking dripping, but running at average of about a gallon every 15 minutes down the drain. According to our renter’s contract, we are not allowed to call in a plumber, but we are to alert the managers and they will arrange for […]

Time is a Funny Shape

Time is odd isn’t it? It appears to trundle along in the background, minding its own business, without pomp or ceremony, head down and jaw set, never deviating from its path as it marks out our days, months, seasons, and lives. But is it really doing that? When I was young I wasted so much […]

A Typical Writing Session

If you’re anything like me then you will probably spend all day trying to find time to write. Then, when you finally get a couple of hours you can devote to your story, you find a million other things to do instead. To prove my point, here is a graph I created when I should […]