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Only you can write your book

Only you can write your book

When I worked at the newspaper, I occasionally got calls when I was on vacation from someone back at the office who was unable to do something because I was the only one who knew how to do it. Not that I was the only one capable, mind you. Just the only one who knew, […]

Be willing to disappoint people

To carve out time to write, those of us with day jobs and families and ministries have to figure out what to say no to. Let’s be honest. We have to figure out whom to say no to. Because behind every entry in our calendars are people who expect something from us, rightly or not. […]

One stitch at a time …

Looking back over my journals from the last couple of years, I noticed that I frequently whined about how little time I had for writing. I complained about how often stupid “life” stuff got in the way of writing. I somehow managed to finish the rewrite of my book and get it into the Marcher […]