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Massive Books Ahead!

I find it interesting as I talk with various writers of fiction – published and unpublished – that opinions vary as to just how many words should go into a novel of any kind. And I’ve found that a lot of it seems to depend on opinions based on whether or not you’re a first […]

What to write when you don’t know what to write.

This morning I realized that I hadn’t prepared a blog entry for today. Then I slept some more. Now it’s the afternoon and I’m realizing that although I was wanting to put up an entry about my son’s birthday last week I still hadn’t transferred the pics from the camera to the computer for putting […]

Traffic Tips – or – Going backwards while thinking you’re going forwards – or – Pick a lane already!!

(Sort of in an Andy Rooney mood for this one) My dad has driven all over this country in one way or another for just about his entire life. As such, he’s seen traffic in just about every state and observed quirks that are true for some states and not true for others. But no […]

Who are you doing this for?

When we go about to write a novel we have a lot of questions that we need to ask ourselves. We should know what we want to write about, what situations will occur in the story and where we want the story to be set. All of these are essential for good story telling. We […]

My own ongoing journey through The Wheel of Time series….

I remember when I first saw The Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan. It was about ten years ago when The Path Of Daggers had already come out in paperback. I have no idea how I had missed this series, but I remember looking at this turnstile in this grocery store and seeing all […]

The Plight of Cyrus Stone

Since I announced my new WIP in a recent blog post and introduced the character whose story I must relate to you, I have had a varied number of responses. If you haven’t read that blog post yet, go here to do so and then come back for the rest of this one. I offered […]

Mixing things together (Part 1?)

Tonight I’m staying up to work on my novel. While I do that, I’ve decided to go ahead and eat some of what my wife has made for us and mix it together in a bowl. So there’s the beans she cooked earlier today, the – extremely good it turns out – mac and cheese she […]

At a crossroads…..

I’m rather at a crossroads with writing at this stage in my work. Something that had been building up within me and kept me going to this point for about a decade and a half has been this great big epic multi-book story about “vampires” and illustrating Christ through the overall story arc – and […]