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If I Can Get Through This

If I Can Get Through This

This year in review brought to you by the number 9 and the word hope. The year in music, my music playlist, has seen some truly epic songs this year. There is a song that was released this year by a band called Art Of Dying. I won’t get into the secular/Christian music thing…but I […]

Out Of Ideas

I stared at the computer screen. The light from it was bright enough that it hurt my eyes for a bit, until my eyes adjusted.  I looked to the left and then to the right. I really have to write something I thought to myself.  Minutes passed. Then, after what seemed an hour or so, […]

Mountain, Move.

A few years ago, I heard the whisper of God. It was clear as these words on this screen. It said, I know the plans I have for you. Plans for hope and success and not harm. You can do this. Now I’m the One telling you that you can, but you have to put […]

Music Is My Muse…Well One Of Them

Caution: Loudness Here we are, another beautiful Friday and my speakers are blaring. Why? Because I love music. I mean really. I can hear every note individually or together, of course. I can hear a song for the 100th time and still find something new within its beautiful walls. I know there are many of […]

Whether Or Not You Write Well, Write Bravely

The above quote is from Bill Stout. Ok, this is where I write something. Let it be known, my wit knows no bounds. But it seems that right now, someone or something has placed it in a box. This is my debut post and I really want to write something that will incite a reaction. […]

Welcome Tymothy!

Today I want to officially recognize and welcome our newest Contributor, Tymothy Longoria! Tymothy is the first new Contributor we’ve brought in in a long time. Our plans are to build a small pool of monthly Contributors over the next few months, so ping one our members  if you think you’re interested. I am also […]