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My Turn Again? Oh!

When I was first asked to join The New Authors Fellowship-after the joy-came Keven with a jab saying that maybe the Writers can coax a synopsis from me about The Stories. Pardon me as I re-issue part of my blog post from May 3oth on Aspire No More because I feel that it is fitting. […]

Music Is My Muse…Well One Of Them

Caution: Loudness Here we are, another beautiful Friday and my speakers are blaring. Why? Because I love music. I mean really. I can hear every note individually or together, of course. I can hear a song for the 100th time and still find something new within its beautiful walls. I know there are many of […]

I Have Called You, My Friends

Music is my muse. One of them. That was going to be my post for today. Not so much. I’ll keep it in mind. *************************************************************** “No one has greater love than this, than to lay down his life for his friends…I have called you friends.”(John 15:13,15). I wrote a short poem on racism and unity […]

Does This Hair Look Like a Doormat?

Does This Hair Look Like a Doormat? Don’t answer that question. I use it to illustrate a point. What is the point? Just because I am a Christian with freakishly large hair and a penchant for helping wounded strays, does not mean I will be ill used. Well, maybe for a little while, but if […]

NAF conducts Superhero interviews! – with contest!

Welcome to the middle of an isolated FBI warehouse. This is New Author Fellowship blog’s interviewer David James as I sit here waiting for two of Seattle’s newest superheroes to show up and be interviewed. This is the only location they both could agree on, and the FBI has assured us that there will be […]

Freewill and Destiny

There are two things I’m passionate about. There are more, but these are the two I’m tickling your ear with today. Freewill and destiny. They seem a contradiction at first glance, but I assure you nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, I’m going to explain. Otherwise, this would be a short blog post […]

Book Review of Tales of the Dim Knight – with contest!

Today I will be reviewing Adam and Andrea Graham’s book Tales of the Dim Knight. Adam Graham is a multi-talented author known for his wit and poignancy. His political column appears on Pajamasmedia.com and Renew America. He also has short stories published in the anthology Light at the Edge of Darkness, and in the Laser […]

Massive Books Ahead!

I find it interesting as I talk with various writers of fiction – published and unpublished – that opinions vary as to just how many words should go into a novel of any kind. And I’ve found that a lot of it seems to depend on opinions based on whether or not you’re a first […]