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Conference Notes: Realm Makers 2017 Keynote

Conference Notes: Realm Makers 2017 Keynote

Y’all forgive me if this is discombobulated; I was typing as fast as I could, but Ted Dekker shared so much … I’m afraid this is just a taste and may not connect all the dots. But I wanted you to have an idea of how awesome this talk was. Most of this is not […]

Special Guest – Tosca Lee

Introduction by Keven Newsome We’re starting today a new series here at NAF, featuring published authors giving us a glimpse about their publication journey.  That’s what we’re about anyway… chronicling our life and journey on the road to publication.  So what did that look like for others?  What was their journey? This series will bring […]

Keven’s Top 10 Favorite Books

This month the CSFF Blog Tour is about our favorite book in Christian Spec Fic.   So, I thought this might be a great opportunity to post my Top 10 favorites.  Not all in my Top 10 are Christian Spec Fic, but the majority are.  I hope you enjoy my list, and if you haven’t read […]

Eric Wilson – defeated? The ramifications and what we should do.

Last Friday author Eric Wilson created a flurry of responses on his Facebook Wall and spawned at least two blog entries about it that I am aware of (not including this one) because of a blog entry he put on his site. According to Mike Duran, in an entry he put here, he confirmed what […]

New Author Series: System City

Yes!  I have NOT forgotten about the New Author Feature Series!  It’s back and I have several left to do!  For those of you who are curious, last week marked the beginning of my second semester in grad school.  Add to that all the work I’ve put in getting The New Authors Fellowship blog up […]