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Buried treasure: in clay jars or tin cans

Buried treasure: in clay jars or tin cans

A remarkable story came out of California this week: a couple found a cache of gold coins buried on their property. The coins date to the state’s Gold Rush era, so their value far exceeds their $27,000 face value. Because of their rarity, they may fetch $10 million or more when sold to collectors, according […]

More Like Rowboats Than Rubber Duckies

A missionary who spoke at our church once told us, “When trying to do the work God has called you to, pray knowing it’s all up to God, but work as hard as you would if it were all up to you.” I have always found that concept challenging to get my head around, but […]

The Best Choice

I’m a writer’s conference junkie. It’s an expensive habit, but I can’t help it. Getting that many people together in the same place who have a passion for the same form of art and ministry is just too tempting for me to skip. I’m freshly home from a local conference—the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s conference, […]

Cookie Cutter People

So I am driving along with the kiddos and all is well. We are playing the game we call “Guess the Song”. Just something to pass the hour drive to the closest medium town. The older kids are getting them left and right, while Peyton sits pouting. He is younger and therefore doesn’t know as […]