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“Sparrows” – a short story

Sparrows by Kat Heckenbach Originally published in The Wordsmith Journal, November 2012 “You’re angry with me.” Jesse sounded too calm. It was irritating. “Well, you’re never around.” I kept my back to him. “Not when I need you. I have a right to be mad.” I’d been standing by the window, staring at the sparrow […]

Clean but Mean….a story for Halloween…

(Originally published in Underneath the Juniper Tree, Nov. 2011 issue.) “Frog Face” by Kat Heckenbach Junie recognized them from school—Jason, the fat one with the buzzed head, and Denny, his ever-constant sidekick. The way they’d skulked over to the creek told her they were up to something. They couldn’t be here to swim; the air […]


Dude, By Kat Heckenbach “It looks like snot.” “What’s your point, Frankie?” If Frankie had been anything less than a computer language genius I wouldn’t allow him in my classroom, much less hire him as a lab assistant. “Well, dude…” I lifted my gaze from the microscope in front of me and glared at him.