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Insights from the Renegade Project

So, with the Renegade Project being experimental, the question now is how did it go and what does everyone think of it? I, for one, enjoyed it and think it was all in all successful. Definitely fun enough to do again someday. However, just as everything, it was neither easy or snag free. So I […]

Renegade Project #28 End Game

You steady your aim and throw your knife. The man holding Selyna tries to duck, but the knife grazes his upper arm. He yelps and jerks back. His grip slackens on the knife at her throat. Drawing your sword, you charge. The man’s eyes widen and he struggles to keep the woman between you and […]

Renegade Project #27: Snipers

You lean near to the Prince and whisper, “If you have a nimble archer, now is the time to use him. Let’s talk with them, but I wouldn’t promise much and trust nothing.” The Prince nods. You turn back to Malor. “You must realize that releasing criminals is rather frowned upon. They only let me […]

Renegade Project #26: Negotiations

And so with Gallino properly bound, gagged and strapped to his saddle, you make a last check of the ropes – sturdy and secure. Meanwhile, his sword and poison dust pouch have been relocated to your horse, with assurances to the guards that you will hand them both over once Gallino is finally in thick […]

Renegade Project 25: Cornered Desperation

With a detail of twenty men, you arrive back at Galen’s estate in late afternoon. You’re not surprised to see the caravan in the courtyard, hurriedly unloading. A fresh flask of the healing tincture is tied securely to your belt, but hope you won’t need it since tinctures tend to be iffy for the first […]

Renegade Project 24: Prince Sander

“I need to speak with the Prince, Lord Sander.” The guard at the gate eyes you dubiously. “Yeah? What about?” “Regarding the disappearance of Selyna, the daughter of Galen the merchant.” “Who?” The man gapes at you. You take a deep breath – why couldn’t anything be simple? “Please simply relay the message and I […]

Renegade Project 23: Road to Trouble

Still a bit undecided, you head for the stables. To give your own horse more time to recover from the night ride, you ask to borrow one of the estate horses-the spares that are kept on hand for messages and such. As you lift your saddle onto a young mare, you hear footsteps approach. Your […]

Renegade Project 22: Selling Out

It’s nearing noon as you head for the barracks. The caravan could be back before nightfall, hours before if Gallino pushes them. A rider could have easily arrived already. You are running out of time. The barracks is near empty with only five men there. Most of the men not with the caravan were patrolling […]