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Renegade Project #26: Negotiations

And so with Gallino properly bound, gagged and strapped to his saddle, you make a last check of the ropes – sturdy and secure. Meanwhile, his sword and poison dust pouch have been relocated to your horse, with assurances to the guards that you will hand them both over once Gallino is finally in thick […]

Baby? Nah, My Books are My Toys!

Not long ago Kat posted a touching view on Our Books, Our Babies. It is a common comparison and sentiment and I can definitely empathize with those claiming such connections. I may have even mused over having such a relationship with my books, once or twice… before I actually became a mother, but if so… […]

Waiting for Forever to Start, a Poem

She lay on white quilted sheets of silk sewn with roses, butterflies and birds. Never had she looked so lovely, the moonlight caught in waves of dark hair. The orange lamp light danced off rose satin, her favorite gown of pale ribbon and milk lace, strings of pearl beads. The dress she saved for happy, […]

Embrace the Baggage Pt 2

So a while back I posted three tips I’ve learned in dealing with characters – Embrace the Baggage Pt 1. I also promised three more to make a total of six. The first three were regarding creating/acquiring characters and how priceless emotional baggage is. The last three tips are on ways to get the most […]

Why I Hate Self-Portraits

Honestly, I think a lot of artists struggle with the process of it. And yet so many people want us to do it. Maybe it’s the “you’re your own worst critic” thing, because you know how picky a regular model can get. Or maybe it’s our glasses – heavily colored by our own mental self-image […]

Embrace the Baggage, pt 1

I’ve heard of “Character First Writers”, and guess I generally would fall in that group. However, in all honesty, when I first started writing, I think I was more of a “Character Obsessed Writer”. I’m convinced I started with a plot of some sort, but then I started meeting characters and exploring their relationships and […]

Things I’m Glad I Didn’t Know

I’ve seen lists of “what I didn’t know” and “what I’ve learned” but I thought I might add a list of my own – of those things that I’m glad I didn’t know. If I would have known this stuff, who knows, I might never have started writing a book. I firmly agree that sometimes […]

A Warning to Rebels, With or Without a Cause

Don’t know about the rest of you, but when I was first introduced to Picasso’s cubism art, the thoughts in my head probably ran about like this: “Gag! How’d this guy get to be famous? I mean, I bet I could paint better than that!” After generations of classical realism and masters like Leonardo, Picasso […]