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One Reason Reviewers Smack One Star Onto a Book

Hello friends and followers of NAF! Life in the Minor household has been a wild ride as we’ve begun 2013. Although my pseudo-resolution involved a desire to pare back the number of pots I have on the stove, so to speak, I haven’t quite gotten there yet. Right now, we have an offer on a […]

How Despicable?

In a conversation at our dining room table about the opening of my new work in progress, Valor’s Worth, my husband brought it to my attention that there was a line in the segment that he felt went over the edge in terms of graphic content. This came as a surprise to me, given previous […]

Illustrated Speculative Fiction

As a writer of fantasy, whenever I tell someone who is not a speculative fiction enthusiast what type of books I write, they always respond with the same words. “So you write for children?” (This is, of course, after they bury the expression that crosses their faces of “Oh, no. What kind of freakish conversation […]

A Year of Being Published

a short-term retrospective  This past week marked the one-year anniversary of my novella, A Greater Strength, being available as an ebook. Reaching this anniversary of being a published author has given me the opportunity to examine my own performance, my books, and the market, and formulate some opinions. Whether these opinions are astute or short-sighted, […]

Questioning Use of Multiple Person Point of View

Questioning Use of Multiple Person Point of View

I’m excited about my current work in progress, Fraternal Scourge, a zombie story set in my Deals with the Dead mythos. I am 19k into the story and saw a perfect place to stop and switch from the boyfriend to the separated girlfriend’s POV. I’ve really enjoyed using the first person POV for the guy’s […]

Podcast Love: Debut Author, Rebecca P. Minor

Podcast Love: Debut Author, Rebecca P. Minor

(*Note, comment to enter a giveaway of the paperback version of Rebecca’s book, The Windrider Saga.) Have your attention? 😉 Now, as I was saying… I started podcasting a year and a half ago out of love for writing and the courageous stories of those who do on writing podcasts like Dragon Page Cover to […]

Divine Summons and a New Appointment

Part 1 Divine Summons It seems surreal that in the first year of NAF we had one member find a publisher and in the second year we had three. But three we have. And we’re poised to have at least two more next year, with three of the currently Alumni seeing a second work in […]

The Buck Stops…Where?

The release of my first royalty-paying writing gig looms on the horizon. It’s a staggering reality that I’ve scarcely had time to think about, honestly, due to the last-minute hubbub that surrounds a book launch. And of course, with hubbub comes stress, which centers itself right in my gut. Edits (is it really tight enough?) […]