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Elder Brother warned last week’s post verged on whiny-butt. I can always count on him to keep me from wallowing too long in self-pity. When I post about the wallowing, anyway. I continue my journey of self-betterment with Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This was a textbook for my college leadership […]

This Is Who I Am!

I like books where the protagonist changes. I prefer books where he changes for the better, but I’ve read books where he changes for the worse. Once upon a time, Keven Newsome wrote a post about the Hero’s Journey. He revisited the concept in this post where he applied it to various movies, but the […]


Are you flawed? Cracked?  A bit off in the head? Plagued by inner demons? Don’t answer that. I am. I’m not a homicidal maniac or anything (not that I would admit it if I were), but I have flaws. However, my flaws aren’t interesting. Not to me, not to you…Well, maybe to you if one […]

More Therapy

I didn’t intend a “part two” with my last post, but after reviewing the comments and continuing to mull the reflections that caused me to post “part one,” I decided to plunge ahead. My current WIP is Past Ties. I do not think of it as my first book, although I wrote it in college, […]


One of the characters in Past Ties is a robot. Quick! Where’s it from? “I prefer the term artificial person.” Unlike Jay from P.A. Baines’ excellent book Alpha Redemption, available from Splashdown Books (see, Paul? I can plug, too), LUCK-I is a humaniform robot (Isaac Asimov pops into my head when I use that word, […]

Greetings and Felicitations

Hello, World of NAF! I’m Robynn Tolbert, aka Ranunculus Turtle, aka Princess Turtle, aka Mean Aunt Robynn, aka Valkyrie Is About to Die, aka…Oi, that’s enough. Some of you know me this way…  .

New Author Series: Star of Justice

I’ve really enjoyed doing these featurettes on unpublished authors, if for nothing else but to really get to know the vast array of personalities found in the literary arts.  Most are quirky and eccentric to a point.  Some are shy and some are confident.  I have been following Robynn Tolbert’s blog for a little while, […]