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Star Wars, Rewards, and Temptation Bundling

Star Wars, Rewards, and Temptation Bundling

No spoilers, sweetie.   It took me a while to get to the theater to see Star Wars 7. Not because I lacked interest, but because of temptation bundling. In temptation bundling, you restrict yourself from the thing you want to do until you’ve completed the thing you have to do. In the Freakonomics podcast […]

How to overcome resistance

How to overcome resistance

Resistance is not the same as  procrastination. Procrastination is a result of resistance. Resistance is the belief that there’s an obstacle you must overcome in order to accomplish…whatever. Procrastination is what you do when you believe you can’t overcome the obstacle. Sometimes obstacles are quite real. If I need $1,800 to buy a new iMac […]

A Good Excuse & Other Vital Accessories

So a week ago I was supposed to post the next installment of the Renegade Project. Instead, my computer went on the fritz and I posted a cool picture of a guy with wings and a sword. Today, despite my good intentions, I am again unprepared. So bring on more fluff, right? Well, if I […]

Why I Hate Self-Portraits

Honestly, I think a lot of artists struggle with the process of it. And yet so many people want us to do it. Maybe it’s the “you’re your own worst critic” thing, because you know how picky a regular model can get. Or maybe it’s our glasses – heavily colored by our own mental self-image […]

Why we delay writing

Last month, Chris Hamilton, the blogger for the Florida Writers’ Association, asked, “So what’s with us? If we enjoy writing, why is it so hard to get started?” And then here at NAF, Keven shared a numinous description of the joy we sometimes feel in writing. But for some of us, those moments are few […]

When passions collide

That sounds like the title of a bad Romance novel. But I’m not talking about that kind of passion. I’m talking about what happens when pursuing one activity we have a passion for takes time away from another activity we also have a passion for. It seems easy enough to say that whichever claims the […]

The Art of Growing Up

I have a confession to make. By no means a big one, but a confession no less. I never planned to grow up. Like, ever. Adulthood was this large, distant concept that I both admired, tried to emulate to a certain degree, but ultimately ignored in the hope that it would go away. I was […]

Busy much?

Busy much?

Wow.  March and April have been two of the most completely busy months for me so far in graduate school.  I have several topics I’d like to blog on, but I just don’t have the time.  Equally frustrating, is the overwhelming desire to procrastinate that seems to have settled on the entire student body here.  […]