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At The End of the Roll

Don’t you hate it when you run out of wrapping paper but still have a stack of gifts and no chance to get to the store? I know, I know, it could be far worse. And I guess if I wouldn’t even frustrate me except for the fact that it’s far from the only shortfall, […]

Special Guest – Chila Woychik

Introduction by Keven Newsome We are honored this month to have author, publisher, and editor Chila Woychik (C. Maggie Woychik). Not only is Chila a published author, she is also the managing editor and co-owner of Port Yonder Press.  This small indy-publisher is growing exponentially and only accepts the most excellent works submitted.  Their attention […]

Kindle vs. Nook – The final verdict

I’m a meticulous decision maker.  It took my wife and I months of research to decide on a car once.  It took a year of planning before we were ready to move away to graduate school.  When I make a decision that I know I could quickly regret, I take whatever time I need to […]

Fantasy Month

It is here! Fantasy Month at Port Yonder Press starts tomorrow. They are also requesting elf (of the Tolkien variety) short stories. A few misconception should be cleared up now before it is too late.

Family of Fiction

If you are one of my Facebook friends, you know I am getting ready for Fantasy Month at Port Yonder Press.  My friend Becky Minor pointed out it is almost one year exact from another event that changed my life forever. If I were to guess, MLS (Marcher Lord Selects) changed many of our lives […]

Edits * Rewrites * Murder

Those closest to me know I will not be signed and published with Marcher Lord Press. Before there is any sympathy, let me say don’t feel sorry for me. I was blessed to have the nicest rejection letter under the sun. Jeff Gerke is the leading publisher of Christian Speculative fiction and one of the […]