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I Don’t Believe in Sibling Rivalry

I Don’t Believe in Sibling Rivalry

Let me clarify. I believe it exists. And I believe in sibling squabbling. My kids squabble all the time. Sometimes they full-on bicker. And every now and then they actually fight. What I mean is, I don’t think Cain and Abel are the rule. I don’t think kids inherently dislike their siblings. I don’t think […]

6 Reasons Why Santa’s the Real Victim Here

Don’t blame the jolly old elf, he’s actually just a scapegoat, a tool exploited by everyone else. I believe he started off with the best intentions. What sane man (or even elf) would willingly sign up for such a ludicrous task? Think of the storms, and icy winds he has to fly through. He many […]

School Daze

This week marks a dramatic change in my family, the beginning of something I never thought I’d do. I am sending my kids to school. That may sound strange—don’t all kids go to school?—but I’m a pretty firm advocate of homeschooling, so this is a big deal. I was homeschooled throughout my entire education, as were my […]