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Moving forward…

It amazes how much life imitates art. It seems that the story of Winter coming to publication matches quite well with the personal story within the book. This book has always been an outcast, just like Winter is an outcast. Nobody has really understood it. There are readers who have loved it, but there have […]

My ink and paper daughter

It must have been fifth grade when I began my writing journey. I was really into this NES game called Dragon Warrior. It was your standard medieval fantasy with blobs, wyverns, and other assorted monsters that need to be fought on a -Fight- -Run- -Spell- -Item- turn based system in stunning 8 bit graphics. Standard […]

Year One at NAF

With this little post our blog began.   JANUARY 15, 2010 This is our official birthday, even though you’ll find a few posts dated prior to this.  That’s because when we started, several of us moved and back-dated posts from other locations. So we missed our anniversary last month.  But now I wanted to give you […]

An Unexpected Thumbscrew Review

I feel a bit like Anton Ego from Ratatouille. Food was his life. And after many years of enjoying food, he developed a refined pallet for only the best. But there was so much bad food out there, that he couldn’t help but become cynical and over critical with each new review. Although my opinions […]

Egregia Cum Laude

Within the course of this Fellowship’s existence, it is only inevitable that one of our own should reach the most excellent milestone of publication.  In turn, we must graduate that person, bestowing upon them all the accolades thereof. I would be remiss if I didn’t honor such a graduation with an appropriate keynote address.  As […]

Alpha Redemption Released Today!

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE FROM SPLASHDOWN BOOKS Debut SF Novel Delves Into Science and Spirituality September 1st 2010 sees the release of P.A. Baines’ debut novel Alpha Redemption, a story about a man who rediscovers his faith in God through the friendship of a sentient computer. Auckland, New Zealand – Splashdown Books is pleased to announce […]

The New NAF Member

Most of the readership here may not realize that I’m the person who founded NAF back in January and now I serve as Admin.  That’s fancy talk for saying, I have to put up with the eccentricities of a whole community of moody, quirky, and headstrong authors who are all very talented and all very […]

Six Month Anniversary of NAF

Has it been six months already? The New Authors’ Fellowship launched on January 15, 2010.  Within just a couple weeks all the featured authors that you have come to enjoy had come on board.  What a wonderful six months it has been! From the very beginning, we wanted to be a group of unpublished authors […]