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Monday dawned a new month and an exciting accomplishment for many of us here at NAF. Splashdown Books released it’s first ever anthology titled Aquasynthesis.  Paul, Kat and Keven each have three stories between the pages. And Robynn and I were allowed to try out our assistant editing skills. The beautiful cover was designed by […]

Splashdown + NAF = Cheesecake

A special note from Grace Bridges(aka Kiwi astronaut) . You may have noticed a trend among NAF authors to end up with Splashdown Books as their publisher. Perhaps you thought it was slightly odd. As indeed it could seem—one could very easily get to thinking it was an inside job, and wondering how much cheesecake […]

Anvil Interview- Grace Bridges

The contest has been extended until the end of April. Welcome and thank you all for coming back for today’s Anvil Interview with the muti-talented, Grace Bridges. Some of you may not know this, but Grace actually gave me my anvil. Silly thing had no idea it would someday be used on her. She never […]

At a crossroads…..

I’m rather at a crossroads with writing at this stage in my work. Something that had been building up within me and kept me going to this point for about a decade and a half has been this great big epic multi-book story about “vampires” and illustrating Christ through the overall story arc – and […]

It’s Off to the Alumni Granny Flat

They say time flies when you’re having fun. If that’s the case then the past eight months have been wearing rockets and roller skates. I honestly don’t know where this year has gone. I must’ve put it down somewhere and forgotten where I left it. If anyone finds 2010, please post it to me ASAP […]