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For The Moms

For The Moms

Most of us either are a mom, are married to a mom, or have a mom. My own mom is pretty spectacular, and I lucked out pretty well with a mother-in-law, as well. I try to be a pretty awesome mom, myself, and most days, I like to think I’ve succeeded. Not enough can be […]

Who are you doing this for?

When we go about to write a novel we have a lot of questions that we need to ask ourselves. We should know what we want to write about, what situations will occur in the story and where we want the story to be set. All of these are essential for good story telling. We […]

Mixing things together (Part 1?)

Tonight I’m staying up to work on my novel. While I do that, I’ve decided to go ahead and eat some of what my wife has made for us and mix it together in a bowl. So there’s the beans she cooked earlier today, the – extremely good it turns out – mac and cheese she […]