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Renegade Project #28 End Game

You steady your aim and throw your knife. The man holding Selyna tries to duck, but the knife grazes his upper arm. He yelps and jerks back. His grip slackens on the knife at her throat. Drawing your sword, you charge. The man’s eyes widen and he struggles to keep the woman between you and […]

Renegade Project #27: Snipers

You lean near to the Prince and whisper, “If you have a nimble archer, now is the time to use him. Let’s talk with them, but I wouldn’t promise much and trust nothing.” The Prince nods. You turn back to Malor. “You must realize that releasing criminals is rather frowned upon. They only let me […]

Renegade Project #26: Negotiations

And so with Gallino properly bound, gagged and strapped to his saddle, you make a last check of the ropes – sturdy and secure. Meanwhile, his sword and poison dust pouch have been relocated to your horse, with assurances to the guards that you will hand them both over once Gallino is finally in thick […]

Renegade Project 18: Traitors

You ride through the night. Just after dawn you near the estate and consider stopping at a local apothecary shop to refresh your supply of herbs, but decide to wait. You still have enough in your personal belongings back at the estate – well, enough to make another small batch of the tincture remedy. Since […]

Renegade Project 12: Hunches or Grudges?

“Someone informed me that you may have heard word of an attack planned against the caravan,” you say to the two siblings. Selyna’s face goes pale and she glances at Natin who tenses for a moment, then scowls.“Whoever it was either lied or was misinformed.” You eye Natin. “You, young lord, are a horrible liar.” […]

Renegade Project 5: Bookoo Complications

As the singular house guard, you have a private room in the main house and your duties mainly consist with maintaining the security of the house at night, dealing with would-be intruders, following up on suspicious activities, breaking up any domestic fights if they turn violent and reporting rule-breaking to Galen.  All in all, it […]

Renegade Project 3: The Educated Mercenary

You keep your steady gaze on the old merchant. “I never sign something without reading it myself. As a merchant, surely you understand.” He narrows his gray-blue eyes at you.  “Are you trying to claim literacy?” You scoop up the parchment and read the first line in flawless articulation.

Renegade Project #2 The Contract

The merchant eyes you up and down, dubiously and then scowls at Taz.   “I assume you’re talking about caravan guards.”  He shifts through the parchments and pulls out a sheet about a hand’s length long and wide, then slaps it down on the desk in front of you.  “This is a six month contract that […]