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Shadowbox Memories

Shadowbox Memories

“Forever Young” is branded in silver upon the black card of a dance ticket from a time gone. Roses – still dark red, like drying blood – frozen in a moment, never to bloom, and unable to die. Fragrance and velvet gentleness were beaten and dried up, leaving a shell of life, like the insects […]

20 Memories For 20 Years

Words are not enough to describe certain kinds of love, but as a writer I will try. In celebration of my 20th anniversary, I will share 20 memories I hold dear to my heart. Memories that remind me of why I love this man.  We were little more than babies when we married. Life has […]

More Like a Coal, Less Like a Match

One of my fondest memories growing up was when my father used to load up the wood burning stove in the family room with logs, kindling, and “starter” we made out of twisted bundles of newspaper, and we would all gather around to enjoy the coming fire. He’d take a wooden match from the red […]