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The Ending

The Ending

The Matrix series of films is one of my least favorite stories. The first film hooked me, but a lame ending and unresolved plot devices left me very bitter that I’d invested time watching it. As much as I might enjoy a book or film, the impression is leaves on me has everything to do […]

Anvil Review- War of Attrition by Frank Creed

This week I am honored to bring to all of you fabulous readers my review of War of Attrition by Frank Creed. Have you heard of it? Where the heck have you been? It is book 2 in Frank’s Underground series. Book 1 won 2006 ELFIE Best Sci-Fi Novel. As always, Peyton will draw two […]

Top 10 Children’s Movies

Being a parent of both a six year old boy and a two year old girl, I get to see a great variety of children’s programing and movies. I also have come to the realization that not all programs that claim to be child friendly, really are. So I decided to compile a list of […]

The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey I know there have been many brilliant articles and analyzations of the Hero’s Journey, and the world doesn’t need nor will benefit from yet another.  But for my own purposes, I’m putting it down here… outlined and explained, with examples, in an easy to understand manner. The Hero’s Journey is a time […]