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A New Tradition, or Inducting a New Member to the Cult

A New Tradition, or Inducting a New Member to the Cult

For me the most exciting football game was October 31. That’s when my son’s sixth grade football team won the championship. My alma mater is known for putting men on the moon not championship banners in our football stadium. My NFL team didn’t make the playoffs. I own few DVDs. Little Women, Anne of Green Gables […]

Eric Wilson – defeated? The ramifications and what we should do.

Last Friday author Eric Wilson created a flurry of responses on his Facebook Wall and spawned at least two blog entries about it that I am aware of (not including this one) because of a blog entry he put on his site. According to Mike Duran, in an entry he put here, he confirmed what […]

Iowa Boulevard

So, my wife and I went on this getaway to Vicksburg, MS for our eleventh anniversary.  We stayed at this wonderful Tudor style mansion bed and breakfast and had a great time checking out all the history in the town.  If you’re up on your Civil War history, you’ll know that the Siege of Vicksburg […]

Who Your Friends Are

I have heard it said that we as Christians need to try to stay away from interacting with the secular worlds.  Being in seminary I have been warned about networking sites such as Facebook, or Myspace.  The warning was, that if you have one, and you are trying to get a pastorate or ministry position with a […]