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It’s Never Easy

I do apologize for the curtness of this post. My wife’s family is dealing with a loss…and I have no words. I will share something I wrote many years back when asked what I think of death. What does death mean to you? Do you fear death? -What does that mean to me….simply put. To me, is […]

Pinky Promise?

Little Katie sat in the lobby of County General Hospital. She twirled the frayed hair of her rag-doll between her fingers. The smell of bleach and poo made her eyes sting but she would not cry. Daddy said big girls don’t cry. He said Katie was a big girl now and Daddy is never wrong.

20 Questions on Hall of Masters

People have been circulating surveys and I wanted to play too! But I thought I would keep it short so picked 20 questions. Enjoy! 1. What’s your word count? 98,000 2. If you have finished, how long did it take you? Depends. This round I did roughly 6 months in initial draft and 2 years […]


This week I have really considered the value of life and death for a Christian. What brought me to this pondering was the news of an entire family passing away. They were young and their children were still babies. In the blink of an eye life on earth was gone for them. It was a […]